Enough with the political propaganda, Apple!

When will Apple stop pushing its far-left politics on its customers? You can’t even visit the iOS App Store without having Apple’s sanctimonious political propaganda shoved in your face.

Apple is a company that has a reputation for being on the far-left in terms of its politics. The company is well known for this and some of its marxist...er...more "progressive" customers even delight in having Apple share their political goals and perspectives.

But I’m not one of them.

My politics tilt to the libertarian right and, frankly, I’m rather tired of Apple pushing its politics in my face at every given opportunity. I have no problem with individuals like Tim Cook that work at Apple tilting to the left politically, that’s their right as Americans.

But must Apple shove its politics in our faces all the time?

'Earth Day' propaganda in the iOS App Store

The latest example of Apple’s annoying, left-wing pushiness is the “Earth Day” propaganda that was recently pushed in the iOS App store. When I opened the App Store, I was greeted with Earth Day banners, images, etc. It looked like the iOS App Store had been invaded by some Gaia worshipping nutcases.

And, of course, Apple could not resist pushing the global warming religion as part of its “Earth Day” political blitz on iOS users. Yes, there was a page about “Climate Change” that had a list of apps that you could download to “fight” global warming.

apple global warming propaganda

My eyes rolled back into my head as I waded through this onslaught of politically correct propaganda pushed by Apple in the iOS App Store. All I wanted to do was check out some new games, and instead I had to have Apple’s politics pushed into my face yet again.

Is anybody else sick of Apple pushing its politics on them?

I can’t imagine I’m alone in being tired of having Apple’s politics pushed on me while trying to use its products and services. I’m sure there are probably a fair number of other Apple customers who are sick of the company’s political posturing and who simply don’t want to experience it yet again.

It would be much better if Apple kept its politics out of the iOS and Mac App Stores, as well as its other services. If the company wants to push this cause or that cause then it can certainly do so without inundating its customers when they try to use the company's services.

It may be hard for the folks running Apple to understand, but not everybody lives in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York or other far-left bastions. There are many folks who use Apple's products but who also have very different politics than Tim Cook or the rest of Apple's executive staff.

It would be great if Apple could bear that in mind the next time it considers pushing its far-left politics on its customer base, but somehow I doubt the company will get the message. The folks running Apple seem to move exclusively in a left-wing echo chamber, and other points of view simply don't get through to them.

George Carlin: An antidote to Apple’s self-righteous, left-wing, bourgeois politics

George Carlin was not known for pulling any punches when it came to politics, and he had quite a bit to say about saving the planet, “Earth Day” and other elements of Apple’s devotion to the global warming religion.

So I’ll leave you with this video by George. Note that it contains some salty language, but I found it to be a great antidote to Apple’s sanctimonious politics. Maybe Tim Cook and his fellow travelers should watch it.


Trigger warning: If you're one of Apple's special snowflake customers (millennial college students, etc.) that feels good when the company pushes its far-left politics on everybody else but can't handle any point of view that disagrees with you, don't click the play button. What George says about "self-righteous bourgeois white liberals" will have you sensitive little pumpkins running for your "safe spaces" quick as lightning. 

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