Nyansa launches Voyance Live, a public networking statistics portal


IT analytics company Nyansa today rolled out a public web portal, offering anonymized data pulled from instances of its flagship Voyance product in operation around the world.

The idea behind Voyance Live, according to CEO Abe Ankumah, is to provide insight into common enterprise network problems and suggest possible solutions to IT departments.

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For example, Ankumah told Network World, Voyance Live’s data suggests that 20MHz channels in campus environments, rather than 40MHz channels, offer the best connectivity – a snapshot of the service’s data finds that all of the top university Wi-Fi implementations used 20MHz channels, while the bottom university wireless networks were more likely to include 40MHz channels.

“Enterprises barely have the staff, time and resources to easily correlate this data for their own networks,” he said, “let alone for number of users and devices that we are able to see.”

Another nugget of information Voyance Live revealed is that iOS devices are more likely than Android, OS X, or Windows machines to suffer from DHCP problems on enterprise networks, according to Ankumah.

“Client device behavior is also something that is mostly anecdotal and not well understood, especially if you're dealing with data from only your environment,” he said.

The dashboard, which is available to the general web-going public here, says that it’s got almost half a million devices under observation at the time of this writing. Skype is the biggest web/SaaS data hog currently in use, and a helpful sidebar notes that there are just 231 BlackBerry devices detected on Nyansa’s managed network.

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