12-inch MacBook: An Apple redditor's review

Is the 12-inch MacBook worth buying? Forget the reviews by jaded journalists and bloggers, and check out this detailed review by an Apple redditor who loves his MacBook.

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Ah_23: “Hi there, fantastic & well thought out review my friend. One question, when you’re using the MacBook in bed, is the keyboard a pain to use? I ask because there’s hardly any travel and if you’re typing on an uneven surface like a bed or duvet, then will the MacBook stay steady or not?”

Iamthehtown: “My honest opinion on that is that sometimes my wrists will cramp from pinching my hands towards my body at the wrist.. but this is something I feel with all notebook computers in bed. Using the Macbook in bed is a joy overall, especially with no fan. I prop it up on my leg while sitting against the bed post, usually, though typing with the keyboard flat against my stomach while lying down can be difficult at times, but once again I feel this issue will exist with any notebook computer regardless. ”

Marino4K: “I was traveling last week and I actually saw a surprising amount of the 12" Macbooks in the airports, it must be growing on people.”

Iamthehtown: “I think that for a businessperson who flies a lot, the macbook is a no-brainer decision if shopping for a new laptop/macbook. It is so light in your bag and the size is just right. Plus, it’s really nice to use. ”

Notffred: “After very briefly using a few of these at work they are definitely growing on me, however I’m still not used to the keyboard, & while I don’t often use peripherals when I do it’s often multiple at once (usually transferring files from external HDD to USB) so the one port is still too hard to swallow. Enjoy your new Macbook!”

Iamthehtown: “You can get a wireless external HD. There are also wireless thumb drives now. Also, I’m looking at this Hub offered by Hootoo


With that said, I do agree with anyone who needs the ports. The Macbook is for people who consider Portability to be the trump card decision maker in buying it. We are not in the 100% wireless future yet and painfully often work related things require a wired connection since the workplace often works at ten years behind cutting edge.

EDIT: I also want to add that the battery life is excellent. There is no reason why you cannot have something else connected to the port while running off battery and doing some kind of work, like transferring files.. albeit, I do admit that is only going to be one thing.”

Booker2121: “This review comes great. I’m deciding to buy or not to buy my first Mac on the next few days. So this review comes very handy thanks!”

Iamthehtown: “If you can afford it and can live without all the ports, go for it. ”

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I’m tempted by the 12-inch MacBook

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying the 12-inch MacBook for quite a while now, but I work at home on a 27-inch iMac. So it’s hard for me to justify spending the money on a laptop that I don’t actually need for work.

But when I read about positive experiences like his, it does make me want to take a drive to the Apple store and snag one. Hopefully I’ll be able to avoid the temptation for at least a little while longer.

It’s great to read about the actual experience of a user versus the rather jaded perspectives of bloggers, journalists and analysts. While no product is perfect, it seems pretty clear that for some users the 12-inch MacBook is a great option for mobile computing.

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