What's really new in SharePoint 2016?

With SharePoint 2016, Microsoft is going back to what SharePoint is all about: easy collaboration, team-driven workflows and simple Intranet publishing. Wait, isn’t that what SharePoint has been doing all along?

microsoft sharepoint 2016

The SharePoint community has reacted with enthusiasm to Microsoft’s roadmap for SharePoint 2016, even though much of it is familiar to anyone who’s been using SharePoint for a while. It’s so confusingly familiar, in fact, that you may find yourself asking whether that wasn’t what SharePoint already did or wondering what else SharePoint was trying to do.

What’s new in SharePoint 2016

In SharePoint 2016, there’s a straightforward way to create new sites and pick whether they’re a team site for sharing documents or an Intranet site for publishing information. You can also choose who’s a member and mark right away whether the site is for standard documents or more confidential information.

There are mobile apps for iOS and (later in 2016) Android and Windows that show you the sites you’re a member of, SharePoint lists (which many customers have used to build custom apps based on SharePoint) and what other people have been doing on those sites. That’s a big step up from working with SharePoint in a mobile browser or needing a third-party app.

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