Career path: From programming to … sales?

career path

Constant change, challenge and unrivalled compensation opportunities make sales a particularly attractive career option.

But if you’re a software developer, engineer or other technical professional, sales may seem unfamiliar or even intimidating. Fortunately, this career path is well traveled.

Learn from those who have gone before to familiarize yourself with the job and decide if you want to pursue it. You may find that the most important step is realizing that you already have what it takes.

Leveraging your assets

Developers and engineers tend to view the world through the lens of systems and processes. At first glance, that outlook may appear incompatible with the interpersonal nature of selling, but it’s one that is “helpful in sales,” explains Adam Emsley, Head of Partnerships and Integrations at Gengo, a company that provides translation services. “Engineers know how to take a product or process, break it down into steps and then make improvements,” says Emsley.

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