Ipsum is an iOS journaling app with a chat twist

Ipsum is a bare-bones, chat-like journaling app for iOS that offers a real alternative to traditional journal apps. It's a different way of journaling that might appeal to users of Messages and WhatsApp.

I’ve been using Day One as a journal for years now, and I’ve stuck with Day One Classic in light of the company’s decision to axe iCloud journal syncing in their new version of the app. But, contrary to what you might think, Day One isn’t the only game in town when it comes to iOS journaling apps.

Ipsum is a new journaling app that features a stripped down, chat-like interface that provides a very different take on journaling. The interface of the app resembles a chat window, and it makes it easy to jot down thoughts quickly, without having to worry about tagging, formatting, etc.

The developer of Ipsum, Sam Ghobril, posted a note on Medium introducing the new app. Here’s his official description of Ipsum:

Ipsum is a journaling app dialed down to what’s essential. It features a chat-like interface, where all a user has to do is type down what they want to add to their journal and press send, just as they would in Messages or WhatsApp.

It’s built that way so that users feel okay writing down even the smallest of thoughts. It is, anyway, these thoughts that we tend to forget and that we really should write down. Ipsum is for all thoughts, big and small, and you can get them into your journal as fast as you can type.

Ipsum also has iCloud sync, so that even if you delete and then re-install the app, its contents are still there. Journaling data is important, and additional backup/exporting features will be added in later versions.

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I suspect that Ipsum’s appeal will be particularly strong for younger journaling fans who use chat apps more heavily than older folks. It will be interesting to see how the app changes in future versions, and if it will be able to retain its simplicity and avoid feature creep.

At the very least Ipsum offers a way of journaling that is different than some of the more complicated apps like Day One. It removes what some might consider to be formatting and classification bloat, and makes it much easier and faster to actually just jot down your thoughts without worrying about editing them to look pretty.

You can get Ipsum now in the iOS App Store, and it sells for a very cheap $1.99.

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