IT badges: A new path to better pay?

Skills-based mini-certs are gaining traction as a worthwhile way to round out your résumé

IT badges: A new path to better pay?
Pexels, Wikipedia, Deviantart

If you’re an IT pro looking for a new gig, that old "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" line about not needing no stinking badges may soon no longer apply, thanks to a relatively new credentialing system finding favor with some large companies and a growing number of job applicants.

Take Damian O’Farrill’s experience. His interview with Autodesk was going well until a member of the panel wondered if he could make the transition from his relatively relaxed software job at a nonprofit to the hectic and competitive atmosphere of a major tech company. With the position on the line, O’Farrill pointed to a half-dozen skills badges he earned through’s Trailhead program.

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