iOS 10: No split-screen keyboard for the iPhone 6s Plus

iOS 10 may be the best version of iOS yet, but it still doesn’t offer a split-screen keyboard for the iPhone 6s Plus in landscape mode

Apple has dubbed iOS 10 as “the mother of all releases” and the company is quite right that iOS 10 has tons of new features and improvements.

However, there appears to be one glaring omission: the iPhone 6s Plus still does not have a split-screen keyboard in landscape mode.

Apple made no mention of even the possibility of this feature in iOS 10 during the WWDC keynote, despite the fact that the current landscape mode keyboard on the iPhone 6s Plus is a horrible experience.

I did a little poking around by installing the iOS 10 Developer Preview on my iPhone 6s Plus, and sure enough iOS 10 has the same crappy landscape mode keyboard as iOS 9. Ugh! What a big disappointment, considering all of the other features found in iOS 10. 

I wrote about why the iPhone 6s Plus needs a split-screen keyboard on a post on my personal blog a while back, and what I said then still stands:

But the problem comes when you are trying to thumb type in landscape mode. Some genius at Apple came up with what has to be one of the most awful keyboard layouts I’ve ever seen. Keys that are seldom used are on the sides, while the keys you need the most are crammed into the middle of the on-screen keyboard.

This means that you must have larger hands or giant thumbs to effectively type fast in landscape mode on the iPhone 6 Plus. I’m a small guy so I lack the giant hands or thumbs necessary to easily reach across the iPhone 6s Plus screen and tap the keys in the middle. This is incredibly frustrating and it seems almost beyond belief that Apple could be so stupid as to do this with its phablet.

And forget about thumb typing in portrait mode, it’s doable but the keys are smaller and too close together for optimal speed or comfort while thumb typing. Landscape mode would be a much better and more comfortable way to thumb type if the keyboard was split.

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Here are the screenshots from the post on my personal blog, and nothing has changed since I did them:

iphone 6 plus needs split screen keyboard

Here's the awful landscape mode keyboard on the iPhone 6s Plus. 

split screen keyboard ipad

And here's the split-screen keyboard in iOS on the iPad. 

I don’t know what is going on at Apple that they can’t see the problem with the landscape mode keyboard on the iPhone 6s Plus. It astounds me that nothing has been done to fix the problem, and it’s particularly galling since the iPhone 6s Plus is Apple’s flagship phone.

Right now I’m clinging to the rather feeble hope that Apple will surprise us with a split-screen keyboard in a later beta release of iOS 10. But don’t get your hopes up, for some reason the iPhone 6s Plus (which was designed to work in landscape mode) will probably be stuck with its lame landscape mode keyboard for another year.

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