Deliver Better Digital Experiences with Observability

BrandPost By Chris Rittler, Vice President CX Product Management, Cisco
Apr 18, 2022
IT Leadership

Turn siloed data into actionable IT insights. Cisco Customer Experience services help you move beyond domain monitoring to full-stack observability.

Credit: Cisco

Today, the stakes are undeniably high for exceptional digital experiences. With 80 percent of customer interactions being digital, organizations aiming for success must prioritize technologies that foster premium speed, convenience, and service – what 70 percent of consumers say matters the most. And remarkably there’s a great reward for making the effort, as consumers will pay up to 16 percent more for products and services that deliver those benefits.   

By now, even traditional pizza stores have realized that delivering a great digital experience is the key to business survival, perhaps even more so than their actual pizza.  It has become second nature for individuals to digitally connect multiple times a day for social interactions, entertainment, shopping, banking, and more. And as a result, that consumer dependence on applications and digital services has never been higher, and tolerance for poor-performing services has never been so low. 

Beyond visibility, there’s observability 

Infrastructure matters. When networks or applications unpredictably crash or fail, outages can directly impact the bottom line and ongoing business operations. Eighty-nine percent of CIOs and IT decision-makers want to ensure consistent performance across both the application and infrastructure for a great user experience. As environments become increasingly distributed, dynamic, and complex beyond human management, how do IT organizations rapidly and accurately process huge amounts of data to solve issues and determine the root cause before the customer experience, and ultimately revenue, are impacted? Observability is key to quickly identifying these business and operational challenges and taking appropriate action has become vital to every business. 

Full-stack observability – the answer to your blind spots 

Full-stack observability (FSO) takes standard observability further. It enables teams to see more and solve more across apps, networks, and infrastructure with actionable insights. By shining a light on network blind spots coupled with a shared context, IT teams can connect the dots between stacks, from the customer or employee-facing application all the way down to the lowest level of infrastructure. Proactively resolving issues before they impact digital experiences empowers teams to exceed customer expectations. 

To solve for specific practices, Cisco Customer Experience (CX) built its FSO strategy around seven use cases to help organizations gain the capabilities they need to achieve complete full-stack observability. The use cases cover resource allocation, hybrid application monitoring, and digital experience. The seven FSO use cases are: 

  • Application Dependency Monitoring 
  • Application Resource Optimization 
  • Application Security 
  • Customer Digital Experience Monitoring 
  • Hybrid Application Monitoring 
  • Hybrid Cost Optimization 
  • Modern Application Monitoring  

The three that are available today: 

  • Hybrid Application Monitoring services give you the ability to continually optimize digital experiences across cloud and traditional apps, and proactively diagnose performance issues.  
  • Hybrid Cost Optimization services optimize your application infrastructure costs and resource utilization so you only pay for the cloud services you need and can safely increase on-premises infrastructure utilization. 
  • Customer Digital Experience Monitoring services help you visualize and correlate performance data to quickly pinpoint and prevent issues that can impact performance and user experience. 

While the journey to FSO is unique for every business, these use cases offer flexibility for incremental adoption of Cisco FSO tools and practices as your business evolves.  

Accelerate the value of full-stack observability with Cisco CX Business Critical Services 

Regardless of your organization’s industry or sector, the technology working behind the scenes to enable transactions, inventory, or customer experience must be more visible. Cisco CX Services for Full-stack Observability can help speed outcomes with ongoing, expert guidance at every stage in the IT lifecycle. And with over 85 percent of CIOs struggling to find the talent they need, you don’t have to do it alone. With Cisco Business Critical Services’ unrivaled, analytics-driven expertise and visibility, you can move your business forward faster to power a superior customer experience.

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