The Future is Here and It Is Wireless

Apr 26, 2022
A businesswoman looks into the distance amid abstract technology, colleagues in background.
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Connectivity is no longer a luxury. It is as important as power, water, and gas. And like your other utilities, being connected isn’t just about having the service connected. You need it to be ready for peaks in activity as well as the quieter times. Companies rely on fast reliable connectivity wherever and whenever they need it.

New and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality depend on fast networks. These new tools depend on data being collected, often using small sensors and other devices – the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). That data needs to be sent to processing engines that can use the data to make split second decisions.

In healthcare, thermal imaging data from telehealth consultations can be quickly relayed to healthcare professionals to aid in faster and more accurate remote diagnoses. Buildings can use cleaning robots that provide information on everything from newly identified hazards through to air quality remotely. Large buildings depend on sensors to monitor and control everything from heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems through to lighting and lifts. When you visit a stadium and can enter using a ticket on your smartphone – it’s wireless technology that enables you to retrieve your ticket so you can enter, check the scores while you’re inside, and book a rideshare for the trip home.

These technologies are underpinned by fast, reliable 5G wireless networking technology that today, are giving businesses a competitive advantage and enabling them to deliver great experiences to their customers. In Australia, connection with IoT devices, in-vehicle connectivity, connecting new offices and failover or back-up are key areas where wireless cellular connectivity like 5G, are crucial.

5G changes the connectivity rules

Traditionally, devices would be connected to a wired network or over Wi-Fi. But that relies on building complex infrastructure. Retailers, the healthcare industry, emergency services and manufacturers increasingly require fast, secure, reliable and often Day-1 connectivity wherever they are. This is why 5G is such a gamechanger. As well as being faster than 4G, it supports greater device density and can deliver fast, reliable connectivity more flexibly by working across low, mid-range and millimetre wave frequency bands.

5G wireless connectivity offers businesses a way to quickly deploy anything from a point-of-sale system to an automated vehicle or emergency communications network quickly and easily

As we continue to move to a distributed way of working across so many industries, anything that can be wireless will be wireless.

Traditionally, wide area networks (WANs) were built around fixed line technologies such as MPLS. But over recent years the use of cellular technologies, like 5G and its forebear 4G, have massively increased. At the same time, traditional, fixed line WAN technologies have become less likely to be used by businesses across the world. The shift towards cellular connections for WAN is set to continue with 4G and 5G expected to outpace every other major WAN link technology links, according to the IDG State of the Wireless WAN research 2022, commissioned by Cradlepoint.

The future is here, and it is increasingly wireless.

5G is at the heart of great CX

Users demand a great experience and fast, reliable connectivity is at the heart of great user experience (CX). LTE and 5G technology are behind Ticketek’s digital ticketing and payment services at stadiums all around Australia, providing failover services that ensure an amazing CX, even when 100,000 people are converging on a venue all at once.

When you enter a busy stadium to cheer your team on or enjoy a concert or some other spectacle, you’re likely to be carrying your ticket on your smartphone. Once you access that ticket from your email or a wallet app, you’ll place the barcode or QR code on a scanner at the turnstile. When you’re inside, you may need to look at a venue map on your phone to find your seat, or order food and drinks from one of the many catering outlets.

All those interactions rely on the ability to send and receive data in real time. The patron needs to access their ticket and for the scanner at the turnstile to read it, check that it’s a legitimate ticket and activate the barrier to let the person through. Access to point of sale, payment and other systems ensure that the guest at the stadium isn’t kept waiting and can enjoy the show.

As well as delivering a frictionless and delightful CX, Ticketek’s solution is secure and can adapt to future needs. Adding more capacity doesn’t require a heavy investment in new infrastructure as the 5G network can be augmented and expanded with greater ease. 5G is fast and reliable and can scale far more cost effectively than other options, such as MPLS.

Governments know 5G is a game changer

The Australian Federal Government, through the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, launched the Australian 5G Innovation Initiative with $40M in grants to organisations that can demonstrate the value of 5G technology to businesses in Australia. 5G is seen as an opportunity to create jobs, boost productivity and deliver massive economic benefits to the nation and there are great opportunities for innovative companies to benefit from 5G and make a real difference to the country.

Wireless technology is no longer a luxury or a bolt-on to your networking strategy. It is a core technology than can deliver secure and reliable enterprise connectivity through every layer of your network from the edge to WAN services. Businesses must be 5G ready so they can take advantage of emerging technologies such as IoT, robotics, AI and augmented reality. These are the technologies that will give them an advantage over today’s competitors and provide the foundation for a robust future.

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