Need to integrate a few apps to solve a business problem? There is recipe for that

Workato takes a community approach to app integration that makes sharing data so easy even non-technical users can do it

 Vijay Tella has been neck deep in application integration technology for years, first as the SVP of engineering at TIBCO, the company that introduced the information bus, and then at Oracle, where he helped launch the company’s booming middleware platform. Today Tella is founder and CEO of Workato, a company that is putting integration tools directly into the hands of app users.  Network World Editor in Chief John Dix recently caught up with Tella to learn more about how he is trying to democratize the world of app integration.

Workato founder and CEO Vijay Tella

Workato founder and CEO Vijay Tella

Does the company name mean something?

It stands for work automation.  We’re all about making it easy for business people to integrate their apps.  There are so many amazing apps in every category for every type of business, from small businesses like restaurants to Fortune 500 companies.  Often these apps are picked up not by IT people, but by business users.  They’re relatively inexpensive and each one does a great job for the specific thing they do. 

As a group, however, they become problematic because your customer information, your product information, order information, etc., all of this gets fragmented across different applications. The coordinated information you need to address the important things going on in your business becomes challenging when your work is spread across so many apps. 

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