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Open Group goes modular with 10th edition of TOGAF standard

Apr 26, 2022
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The 10th edition of the popular enterprise architecture framework focuses on improving usability for a wider range of enterprises.

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The vendor-neutral Open Group Architecture Forum has launched the 10th edition of its TOGAF standard this week, with the latest edition of the popular enterprise architecture framework being given a modular redesign aimed at easing adoption for practitioners.

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) has been around since 1995 and aims to help organize the software development process in a way that reduces errors, helps hit deadlines, stay on budget, and align with key business units.

The 10th edition of the framework focuses on expanding the material available to software architects, open it up to organizations using the agile methodology, and provide greater guidance and a simpler route to applying the TOGAF framework alongside its core knowledge base.

The new edition of the framework will certainly look different to experienced practitioners, as it has been given a “refreshed modular structure” which aims to help architects apply the TOGAF framework to their unique organizational style and needs.

“The next decade of technology and business pressures will require organizations to be more agile, resilient, and adaptable than ever, and that will make a clear approach to architecture more important than ever,” Steve Nunn, CEO and president of The Open Group said as part of the announcement.

This structure will also enable the Open Group to release new material more frequently. “The fact that the TOGAF Standard is a living body of knowledge is one of its great advantages,” Nunn said. “We have now arrived at a point where business strategy and digital solutions are inseparable, and organizations of every size, in every sector, face the need to establish agile ways of working which continually evolve and adapt.”

Scott Carey
Managing Editor, News

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