Is Apple’s leather iPhone case worth buying?

Apple’s leather iPhone case costs $39 - $49, depending on which phone you own. Is it really worth the money?

Apple’s official leather case for the iPhone is often considered as an option for folks with new iPhones. But it’s not the cheapest case around since it runs between $39 - $49 depending on which iPhone you own.

For example, the black leather case for the iPhone SE is $39, the iPhone 6s leather case is $45 and the leather case for the iPhone 6s Plus is $49. Some folks might consider those prices to be a bit expensive, but I think that the cost of a leather case isn’t all that much considering how much each of those iPhones costs in comparison.

Apple's black leather case and my iPhone 6s Plus

I’ve been using the black leather case for the iPhone 6s Plus for quite a long time, and so far it’s worked out great for me. It looks good, it’s relatively thin and light, and it helps make my slippery iPhone 6s Plus much easier to grip and use.

I have tried other cases, but somehow I always end up back at Apple’s leather case. It’s not that other cases are bad, but more often than not I just prefer the simplicity of Apple’s leather case.

For example, I tried the Otterbox Defender case a while back and it was great in some ways. The Defender offered superior protection for my iPhone 6s Plus, but it also added far too much bulk and weight. So I ultimately dumped it and went back to Apple’s leather case.

I know that some folks will write off Apple’s leather case because it offers a minimal amount of protection. It is relatively thin and there’s no screen cover bundled with it like you get with the Otterbox Defender.

But for me the Apple leather case offers just enough drop and scuff protection without burdening me with too much weight or size like with other cases. It sort of hits the sweet spot all around for my iPhone 6s Plus.

So when I add everything up, the $49 for the Apple leather case is a pretty good deal. I get a case that still lets me slip the iPhone 6s Plus in and out of my pocket easily, but also makes it easier to hold and use without extra bulk. And Apple's leather case does offer at least some protection against damage from accidental drops of my iPhone 6s Plus.

If I owned an iPhone SE or 6s, I’d still opt for Apple’s leather case. Everything I said about the 6s Plus version also applies to the smaller iPhones. Apple has done a fine job in giving users a good looking and quite functional case at a reasonable price.

iphone leather case

What do other Apple customers think of its leather iPhone case?

But what do other Apple customers think about the company’s official leather iPhone case? The topic came up in a recent thread on the Apple subreddit, so I’ll leave you with a selection of comments from iPhone owners:

ElBoludo: “I’m going to disagree with the other poster. It’s a bit pricy but I love the look and feel of mine. It’s taken a few really nasty tumbles onto concrete and asphalt and done it’s job protecting the phone. I love mine. ”

DeepSpaceHomer: “Same experience here. I’ve dropped it from waste height at concerts, accidentally slipped out of my hand and flew across my office and landed face down, fallen off tables, etc, and not a scratch on the thing. For $50 and a nice looking - protective - case, it’s awesome. Definitely recommend it. ”

CMDR_Internet: “It’s super protective, but any color other than black really only lasts about 6 months before it starts getting disgusting looking. This coming from someone who loves worn leather. Also, it prevents you from using the 3D Touch task switcher. And my biggest complaint - it’s impossible to keep the screen clean. The curved glass is awesome at making it easy to keep your screen clean, and the case completely nullifies that advantage. ”

Cypher_Shadow: “I have the 6 Plus and have used the leather case for the last 1.5 years. My leather case is still in really good condition, even after I started carrying my phone more doing my delivery job. ”

Ampdamage: “I have the black one that I got with my iPhone 6, and it came along with me when I got the 6s, so I’ve had it for nearly 2 years now. I love it. It’s protective enough to keep the phone case from getting scratched or dented, but probably wouldn’t help much with drops.

The thing I love most about it is the look. They include a note on the packaging about the look and feel of the case changing over time due to it being real leather, and that’s my favorite part. It’s a well-worn accessory that has a nice weathered look to it now.”

Phaeew: “I thought this until I dropped mine from a good 4’ onto a concrete sidewalk. It gouged the leather pretty bad but that corner of the actual phone that it landed on had zero dent or scuff.

I assumed the screen would be destroyed and the corner would be flat. The case perfectly protected the whole device.”

Gilmour93: “I have the dark brown leather one for 6S and love it. Its worn really nicely. Since it overlaps the front a little it means if you drop it directly down, the screen is safe. I have a cheaper case in the past and found that it didnt last and didnt protect as well. Also with hard plastic cases I found that dirt and dust would get in the back and cause small nicks but that doesnt happen with the leather case.”

Taxidriver1138: “The leather cases are nice and the dark ones wear nicely. The problem I have is that they get damaged easily. Like the leather can easy tear when its dropped or even just knocked against something which ruins the look in my opinion. I really like the silicon cases a lot better. It doesn’t damage near as easily.”

S4mmich: “My only gripe is the bottom is exposed. I have a dent on my phone from a road accident (but in all fairness the least of my worries and the case did a damn good job of protecting the phone since thats the only damage)!

It looks really nice and was well worth the money in my opinion. Just bear in mine the bottom of the phone is relatively unprotected.”

MonsterRayn: “In theory, it’s nice. It looks really good, and protects the phone inasmuch as that when you set it down on a table, you don’t need to worry about the back getting scratched.

That said, it takes away from the look of the phone big time (you know, that phone you spent $300–900 on..). And the phone itself is pretty damned resistant to scratches/scuffs. I’ve had this phone with no case since it came out. Not a single scratch. And I’ve dropped it probably 4–5 times (once from 3–4 feet, the others from about a foot).”

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