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Salesforce extends Flow automations across Mulesoft, Slack and Tableau

Apr 28, 20222 mins
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The CRM giant is looking to help customers automate workflows and trigger actions across its growing range of applications using Flow.

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Salesforce is expanding its process automation tool Flow to enable a wider range of workflows and process automations to be built and triggered from across its large family of enterprise applications.

Announced in 2021, Flow is a low-code tool which initially consolidated various process automation and workflow tools for Salesforce users to build workflows between the various parts of the Salesforce suite.

Now, since acquiring the integration specialist Mulesoft, chat application Slack and the data visualization tool Tableau, the company is extending Flow to work across all of these applications.

“This is automation on one unified CRM platform. New features for Flow provide users the ability to trigger flows from analytics dashboards, use low code to easily integrate with any system, and interact with flows directly within Slack, where people spend most of their time,” said Patrick Stokes, general manager for Salesforce Platform.

Let’s take them one by one.

Flow Integration for Mulesoft

Mulesoft is an enterprise tool that helps customers to integrate their various applications and free up data among them. With Flow Integration, users can integrate data from any business system into a workflow, including those which are on-premises.

Salesforce is also looking to add robotic process automation capabilities later this year, which should provide more intelligent automations, such as suggesting a data source or the next best action to take.

Flow in Slack

Slack has been working on helping customers automate common actions within its chat application for a few years now, especially since acquiring Missions in 2018, which specializes in workflow automation.

By extending Flow for Slack later on this year, customers will be able to automate manual tasks, such as creating a new Slack channel when a deal closes, or sending an account status update, direct within the chat application.

Flow Actions for Tableau

Finally, Flow Actions will allow Tableau users to launch a new workflow or trigger actions direct from a dashboard when new data is added or a certain threshold is reached.

Scott Carey
Managing Editor, News

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