How project managers can master transformational change

Although change management and project management can be mutually exclusive disciplines, the combined efforts of both can create a powerful instrument for creating transformational change that produces more successful business outcomes (includes infographic).

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Before you can help implement change management, you need to understand what this broadly used term in the context of project management. Change management is a discipline that allows businesses to effectively and precisely identify and document anticipated changes to the business as well as understand how those changes affect individuals in terms of their workflows/processes. It also aids in preparing individuals for those changes and helps guide them towards best practices within new processes for continuous improvement.

Why change management is necessary throughout a project's lifecycle

Strategic alignment is greatly impacted when you undertake projects. Projects make change inevitable, triggering the need for change management as a result of the impact to existing processes, people and even how technologies are used. These changes will influence how the business delivers on its vision operationally, financially, technologically, and may even impact legal or regulatory responsibilities.

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