Hot job alert: Become a Salesforce coder

Making the switch to Salesforce’s ecosystem can prove lucrative for biz-savvy programmers

Hot job alert: Become a Salesforce coder

Having a direct impact on company revenue is a great way to get ahead, and a career shift to Salesforce development can help you do exactly that. presents a major opportunity for developers, not only in providing customization and implementation support but also in developing apps for Salesforce’s AppExchange business app marketplace. has grown rapidly as a platform, providing CRM and marketing automation services in the cloud to sales staff, health workers, fundraisers, and other professionals around the world. Its ecosystem provides opportunities to consultants, marketing firms, and app developers, who have contributed more than 3,000 apps to AppExchange to date.

An increased demand for marketing intelligence, sales outreach, and lead generation has fueled a hot job market for developers targeting Here we provide a look at how you can cash in on this trend.

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