Do you still use your Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch has proven to be the most popular smartwatch ever, but not everybody that has one loves it. Are you still using your Apple Watch?

The technology media world is awash with rumors about the Apple Watch 2 possibly being released this fall. Many people are eagerly looking forward to an Apple Watch with upgraded hardware and new features.

But what about the current Apple Watch? Are people still using it? And will they upgrade to the Apple Watch 2? These questions came up in a recent thread on the Apple subreddit, and there were some interesting comments posted.

I’ll share my own thoughts below, but here’s a sample of comments from the thread on Reddit:

Priusforlife: “How many iPhone users have the Apple Watch? Why do you own one? Will you upgrade/buy Apple Watch 2?”

Dafones: “I have a 42 space grey sport and intend to sell it and pick up a second gen 42 space grey sport.

I still think that Apple Watch hasn’t quite realized its potential, but I think that wearables have a place in our tech ecosystems, long term. They just need more hardware uses along the lines of expanded NFC and biometrics.”

Tigerdactyl: “I got one for work (developed an early watch app) and it’s ok but I wouldn’t recommend or for the price. Likes most first gen apple products it’s just kind of clunky and slow. The next one should be improved across the board. ”

Lanza21: “I have a 42mm space gray with the stock plastic band. To be honest, I’m disappointed in it for the price. It doesn’t do anything other than show me the time and notifications. Apps are entirely useless. I don’t run (I lift weights) so the fitness features are useless to me.

The watch isn’t $400 useful, it doesn’t look $400 good, it isn’t made of $400 materials. It’s worth about $180 to me. If I had any reason to pull back on spending, I would have sold it way early one.

I’ll probably end up getting the Apple Watch 2 since I don’t like wearing a watch that looks like it costs $85 dollars. So I’ll have to spend $800 to get a watch that looks like it costs $300. And I’ll be disappointed with that one, too, since it won’t do anything other than telling time and showing notifications either.”

Joechancey11: “I just got the space gray one off ebay to go with my 6S+ and so far iv used it to keep more on track with tasks and assignments. It’s really handy, whilst i do like to write things down on paper, my ADD leaves me with a tendency of either not remember to look at the paper later on or i’ll procrastinate. The watch has allowed me to write down tasks on my phone, at the end of class, and then the watch will remind me later.

Also, the 6S+ is a rather long and big phone, so, Taking it out constantly to check the time not only disturbs battery life to my phone, but makes me look like a clown having to practically stand up wherever i’m sitting to get the phone out just to immediately have to put it back.

It’s a dandy piece of tech. I wanted one since it’s release, but, now prices for them are literally half the retail cost of ebay i finally jumped on it.”

ItWantedAUsername: “I have the Gold one (Sport Edition), with the blue strap. I don’t even bother wearing it anymore. For almost everything I have to do I always find myself pulling out my phone instead of doing it on the watch because it’s just faster and easier. Most apps on the watch take a long time to load and aren’t as capable as their iPhone counterparts.

I thought I would be using it for run tracking, but even after the calibration it’s usually off by +/- 33%, so I just end up using my phone for that too.”

TheHozOpp1: “I have been an iPhone user since the iPhone 3G (the original iPhone was never sold in Canada). And I have been an Apple Watch owner since launch day. I have a 42mm Stainless Steel Apple Watch. I love it. At first, I was contemplating returning it, but I’m glad I kept it.

I think Apple really has understood how Apple Watch users use their watch. Its evident in the upcoming watchOS 3. I mostly use my watch to receive notifications, look at glances of information, and as a fitness tracker. Complications have become super important for me, as I rely on the watch to give me instant information. Calendar and weather are the two things I check constantly.

Whether or not I will buy Apple Watch 2 will be dependent on what improvements it will come with. Other than potential cellular connectivity and possibly a faster processor (so things load quicker on the watch itself), I don’t really see a need for any upgrades. But Apple has surprised me in the past. I didn’t know how much I wanted Siri or 3D Touch on iPhone until it arrived. Now I won’t buy a new iPhone without it.”

Ihatecompvir: “Loving my 38mm Space Grey (wrist is small enough that 42mm would look ridiculous on me) even though my first pick was Gold, but it was sold out.

I find it pretty useful, especially when I’m not wearing any pants around the house and my phone is in a different room. I don’t really respond to anything on the Watch such as Messages, but it’s a nice timepiece, instant Weather, Sunset/Rise Time, and Moon Phase checker. I love being able to access data like that in an instant.

I will absolutely buy Watch 2. I think Apple has the potential to make this into a seriously cool sensing device, with the Heartbeat sensor and fitness tracking features. If they somehow added a thermometer into it (for monitoring your body temperature) and other sensors, that’d be great. Apparently it already has Blood Oxygen Level monitoring hardware in it, but it’s disabled.”

TheFeatheredFish: “Personally, I really like it. I love that I can discreetly look at notifications and choose whether I want to further interact with them or not is great! However, for the price it’s a bit underwhelming. I’ve had it for almost a year now and the apps still aren’t that great. I don’t think a lot of developers want to develop for it aswell. I heard it’s a nightmare.

Some of these issues will (hopefully) be resolved soon with WatchOS3, but I’m not sure. I still love it to bits since I’m a massive geek.

I’m not sure whether I’ll get a new one though, my 6+ is still alive and kicking and I plan to keep it until 2017. If I don’t like the changes Apple has made to the iPhone I might switch to Android and grab an Android watch.

These are the things I want for gen2:

Improved battery life, the battery life is pretty good right now but I’d like to see it extended to 2 days with moderate use.

More powerful hardware. I want my apps to run silky smooth.

A round design. I really like what Samsung did with their new Gear. It doesn’t look like a regular watch, but it doesn’t look incredibly out of place either.”

Pavelgubarev: “I find my watch extremely useful for running and in gym. I fact I don’t have to take my iPhone to gym, because I have a tracking app, heart rate monitor and bluetooth music player in my watch. Calling/receiving notifications/making reminders are good, but I don’t need that much.

Having timer for coffee making on your wrist is great.

Definitely will upgrade to watch2/watch3 when I feel like it.”

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watchOS 3 improves the Apple Watch experience

Reading the comments in the Reddit thread was quite interesting, though I was a bit surprised by some of the negative remarks made about the Apple Watch. It seems that some folks just haven’t found it as useful as they’d hoped.

I think that those negative attitudes have more to do with watchOS 2 than the Apple Watch itself. I’ve been running watchOS 3 and it makes a huge difference in the Apple Watch experience.

With watchOS 3, my Apple Watch is much faster and far more enjoyable to use. Really, watchOS 3 is what the Apple Watch should have shipped with initially. It’s understandable, however, that it has taken Apple a little while to work out the kinks in watchOS.

The Apple Watch is, after all, a new platform. So it has taken Apple a while to understand how people use the Apple Watch on a day to day basis. From what I’ve experienced with watchOS 3, Apple has done a good job fixing most of the problems with watchOS 2.

I still love my Apple Watch

As I write this post I’m wearing a 38mm space grey Apple Watch, with a black woven nylon band. I love my watch, and I use it everyday. At this point, my wrist feels naked without my Apple Watch.

I use my Apple Watch for calorie counting, notifications, messages, the time, workout tracking, the timer app, and the Activity app. It has proven to be incredibly useful for these things, as well as for a few others.

I also have an iPhone 6s Plus, and while I love my phone, I very much prefer to use my Apple Watch whenever possible rather than picking the phone up to reply to a text message, etc. The watch saves me time each day by putting some of the iPhone’s functionality right on my wrist.

But what about the Apple Watch 2?

I have not decided if I’ll buy the Apple Watch 2. The watchOS 3 beta I’m running on my current Apple Watch has given it a whole new lease on life. The experience is so much better that it has made me wonder if I’ll buy the Apple Watch 2 or not.

I suppose I’ll probably wait to see what hardware changes come with the Apple Watch 2. I don’t really need a FaceTime camera, and my current watch is plenty fast enough for my needs.

However, nobody really knows what the Apple Watch 2 is going to offer in terms of hardware. So I’ll just wait for Apple to make an announcement before I decide whether or not to get the Apple Watch 2.

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