iOS 10: View two Safari windows side by side

In iOS 10 you can easily view two web pages side by side in Safari, and you can have separate tabs open in each window. Here’s how you can do it.

iOS 10 has brought some great changes to the iPad, and one of the most useful is the ability to view two web pages side by side in Safari. This is a feature that many people have looked forward to for quite a long time.

It can be particularly useful for folks that blog or do other kinds of work where they need to quickly copy and paste links, text, etc from one Safari window to the other on their iPads. Without the ability to open two windows side by side, using the web for work was quite frustrating in earlier versions of iOS.

For example, I use my 12.9-inch iPad Pro quite a bit. Until I installed iOS 10, I was not able to use Safari for work purposes since I could not have two windows open side by side. I needed the ability to have a CMS open in one Safari window and a web page in the other. Thankfully iOS 10 has fixed that problem so I can actually do some useful work on my iPad Pro now.

How to use Split View in Safari in iOS 10

Here’s how you can quickly view two windows side by side in Safari in iOS 10:

1. Open the Safari app.

2. Tap and hold on a link on the web page you are viewing.

3. A menu will appear, tap the "Open in Split View" option.

4. Your second web page will open and will take up half the screen.

And that’s it, viewing two web pages side by side in Safari is that easy in iOS 10.

open safari window split view ios 10
split view safari ios 10

Things to note about side by side Safari windows

Here are a few things to note about having two windows open side by side in Safari in iOS 10:

1. Each window has its own URL address bar at the top.

2. You can open new tabs within each window.

3. You can also open a link on the side you are using, or you can open it on the other side.

4. Each window operates independently from the other in terms of bookmarks, reading list, etc.

Safari's Split View in iOS 10 is extremely useful

I remember when iOS didn’t have the side by side Safari windows feature, and boy am I glad it does now. I do quite a lot of copying and pasting of links and text when writing so being able to view two Safari windows side by side on my iPad Pro is incredibly useful.

I can easily use WordPress or some other CMS in one Safari window, while having various tabs open on the other side. This lets me work quickly and efficiently in a way similar to how I work on my iMac.

The Split View feature in Safari is a hallmark of how far iOS has come, and how much better it has gotten in terms of becoming a real productivity-oriented mobile operating system.

Thanks, Apple.

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