What do iPhone 6s Plus owners think of their phone?

Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus is the company’s flagship phone and one of its most important products. But what do owners of the iPhone 6s Plus think of their phone? Is it worth buying?

The iPhone 6s Plus is Apple’s flagship phone, and one of the most popular smartphones on the planet. But some folks are still wondering if the iPhone 6s Plus is too big to carry around all day, and if it's worth buying.

This topic came up in a recent thread on the Apple subreddit, and the folks there had some interesting comments about it. I’ll share my own thoughts below, but here’s a sample of comments from the thread about the iPhone 6s Plus.

DPool34 got the thread started by asking about the size of the iPhone 6s Plus:

Just wondering how most people feel about moving up to a bigger phone. I know when I went from the 5 to the 6, it felt huge for a few weeks then I got used to it. When I hold a 3.5in iPhone it feels way too small now.

Did you have a similar experience when upgrading to the Plus? (I’m seriously considering going with the iPhone 7 Plus).

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His fellow Apple redditors chimed in with their thoughts about the iPhone 6s Plus:

Cth1ic_warrior: “Feels normal sized now.”

Thegraduate: “I agree. I think it could be even just a tad bigger after having it for almost 2 years now.”

RedrickFredrick: “I’ve had my 6+ since launch it is possible to type with a single hand albeit a little slower however, I prefer holding the phone with two hands because I can use multiple fingers to type even quicker.

It now feels strange to hold the smaller phones they feel like child toys and due to the smaller screen it’s hard to see all the information I want to see on those screens.”

Inajeep: “Size is fine, I just don’t like the lock button on the side opposite of the vol controls or where I usually hold it. %60 of the time when I try to take a photo I lock my phone.”

Mrchokabich: “I went from a iPhone 5 to a Note4 and now recently to a iPhone 6S+, within days of every switch i felt right at home, now I patiently wait for a iPhone 8S++.”

Kinadian1980: “I went from a 5s to a 6s Plus. I knew I wanted a larger screen but I was a little concerned that the Plus might be too big. It’s not, I was quite used to it almost immediately and now my old phone feels like a toy.

In fact, I find I’m using my iPad less. I have a 4th generation iPad and I was thinking about upgrading. Those thoughts were gone once I got my 6s Plus.”

Tumbler_fluff: “Hell, I have a regular 6 and was just given an SE for work. SE is a great phone and I love the older design, but it does feel like a Little Tikes model whenever I need go back and forth. I don’t know how my fat fingers ever typed complete sentences on that thing for so many years.”

Lordmorgoth666: “Went from a 4s to a 6s+. The thing felt like an untamed beast in my hands for a bit because I had trouble getting used to the size but I knew I was tired of the 3.5" screen. I gave my son my old 4s and now when I need to help with something it feels like I need to squint to see anything.

Your grip will adapt. Your eyes will thank you. Go for it. About the only thing that may come to haunt you is finding a comfortable way to transport it around. I find that in jeans when I sit, the phone tends to get a bit jammed into my hip and I have to adjust it. Maybe before buying, wear your most restrictive pockets (or smallest purse) and try one out to make sure you won’t have an issue.”

JoeyGibson: “I went from a 5S to a 6S Plus, and I love it so hard. My son has my old 5S, and my wife has a 5C, and any time I have to do something on one of theirs, I can’t believe how small it feels. The 6S Plus is the perfect size for me, and it caused me to stop using my iPad Mini. (Of course, now I’ve bought an iPad Pro, but that’s another story.)”

Mayaisme: “Female here and I LOVE my big ass phone. Everything is so much better and easier on a bigger screen (typing, watching videos, redditing), plus the smaller 6s only has a 720p display and less battery, wasn’t going to sacrifice those things. It’s a two handed device most of the time for me, but it’s well worth it.”

iAnonGuy: “Size is not an issue. You can acclimate to any size device, you just have to use it for a while, and it will feel just as natural as the other. You may develop a strong preference for one or the other based on personal reasons, but that is only preference.

The main reason to go up is for the battery life.

The iPhones are already using LCD screens, which aren’t all that efficient. Apple pairs this with a small battery on the iPhone 6S. The only saving grace is that the GPU only has to push 720p. However, I could get better battery life on my Galaxy S3 than on an iPhone 6 (4.7"). The OLED display is a huge efficiency advantage.

I found my iPhone 6 Plus got comparable battery life to my Galaxy Note 3. I find the 6S Plus I have gets slightly worse battery life than the 6 Plus did. Honestly, I wish I hadn’t upgraded, because there’s almost nothing about the 6S Plus that warranted upgrading other than being a newer model.

Will likely not upgrade to the 7 Plus. I don’t upgrade just for cameras, and I don’t want a phone that looks almost identical to the last two that I’ve owned.

No one buys Ferrari’s to look like they’re driving last year’s Toyota Corolla.”

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It’s clear from reading through the thread that most iPhone 6s Plus owners seem to love their phones. The larger screen and bigger battery seem to be the best things about the iPhone 6s Plus for many users.

Why I love my iPhone 6s Plus

I’ve had an iPhone 6s Plus for a while now, and I love mine. My eyes aren’t what they used to be, so the bigger screen on the iPhone 6s Plus makes it much easier for me to read web pages and ebooks, play games, and do everything else.

I can even read comics on my iPhone 6s Plus by using Guided View in the Comixology app. I never thought I'd ever be able to really enjoy reading a comic book on a phone, I always figured I'd have to use my iPad Pro. But comic books look fantastic on the iPhone 6s Plus' screen.

I actually tried using an iPhone 6s after getting rid of my iPhone 6 Plus. While it was nice to have a smaller phone in terms of carrying it in my pocket, I quickly found that I missed the bigger screen. I did not enjoy reading on the iPhone 6s the way I did with my iPhone 6 Plus, so I brought it back and got the iPhone 6s Plus.

I also tried using the iPhone SE back when it was first released. I’d toyed with the idea of getting a very small phone for easier carrying in my pocket, and the iPhone SE seemed like it might be a good fit. But when I picked it up I realized immediately that I couldn’t go back to such a small screen.

The larger battery in the iPhone 6s Plus is also a big attraction for me. I don’t have to recharge my iPhone as often as I would if I had an iPhone 6s. It feels good to not have to worry about battery life as much when I leave the house with my iPhone 6s Plus.

3D touch has also proven to be a very useful feature in the iPhone 6s Plus. I was somewhat skeptical of it initially, but I've warmed to it as more and more apps have added it. I'd miss it if I had to use an iPhone that didn't include it.

Overall I’ve found the iPhone 6s Plus to be the best phone I’ve ever owned. It does everything I need it to do, and it does it all very well indeed.

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