Should you buy an iPad mini if you own an iPhone 6s Plus?

The iPad mini is a great tablet, but it might be too small if you already own an iPhone 6s Plus. The iPad Pro is a better bet for a tablet that complements a larger iPhone.

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When Apple finally started selling larger iPhones it came as a relief to folks who were tired of the tiny screens on previous versions of the iPhone. But big screen iPhones also caused some consternation among those who considered buying an iPad mini.

In a nutshell, some folks have been wondering if they should buy an iPad mini if they already own an iPhone 6s Plus. This topic came up in a discussion thread in the Apple subreddit recently.

I’ll share my own thoughts below, but here’s a selection of comments from that thread:

Tonybessette: “If you have the iPhone 6S Plus…is the iPad Mini still worth getting?

AT&T offered me an iPad Mini for $100 (with a 2 yr contract) when I got my iPhone 6S Plus. I was wondering if it was worth getting, or is it not that much bigger then my new iPhone?

I want to start reading ebooks, and I feel my iPhone is too small at 5.5 inches.”

ClarkZuckerberg: “Personally, no. I sold my Mini after no longer using it when I got the Plus. Then I bought a used iPad Air and love it. Just one man’s opinion.”

Sleeplessone: “I bought a 6 Plus when it was released. My desire for any iPad was severely diminished after using it for a few months.

…if you want to start reading eBooks get a Kindle Paperwhite.”

Hungarianhc: “I know I’m the minority, but I personally don’t understand how the two are even related. I have an iPad Mini, and I have an iPhone 6S Plus. The latter is my phone. I take it everywhere with me. It’s my daily driver.

The iPad Mini is a lot bigger. I watch movies on airplanes with it. I hook up a bluetooth keyboard and write documents on it. Also, my wife and I have our own iPhones, but we share use of the iPad. Everyone uses their devices differently, though.”

Smithstreeter: “I definitely use it less, but I also like having something separate than my phone to relax with. In other words, no calls, iMessages or emails (assuming they’re turned off on the mini).

I find that when I do pick up the mini, I am more focused on whatever it is I’m doing, minus all the distractions of a phone.

That said, I DEFINITELY find myself reaching for the mini less since I got the plus.”

ReliableSource: “Since getting my 6s Plus, I basically only use my iPad Mini to read comics occasionally. I find the Plus plenty big for reading ebooks and doing all my other day-to-day things.”

Thecheesybiscuit: “I don’t have an iPhone 6S Plus, but I do have a Huawei Honor 5X, which has the same screen size. I also own an iPad mini, and I think the difference is large enough that a tablet is warranted.

A 5.5" screen is roomy enough, but a tablet just offers a different experience. Though it does depend on your use case, I’d say an iPad Mini for that price is a good deal you could get some use out of. ”

Eikast: “I don’t think it’s worth that much money. That’s $100 upfront fee plus tax then the line access for two years. The screen size is bigger but not noticeably bigger. When I had the iPhone 5S an iPad Mini made sense but once I got an iPhone 6+ I stopped using it and just sold it and for an iPad Air 2 (later replaced with iPad Pro 12.9).”

Matiyarosz: “Definitely not. iPhone 6s Plus is big enough to replace it. If you’re looking for an iPad, get an iPad Pro or iPad Air. If you need a dedicated ebook reader, get Kindle, I never used my phone or iPad again. ”

Pilfecapskcab: “Like someone else has said, If your reasoning is to read ebooks, I recommend springing for the Kindle Paperwhite as well. ”

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The iPad Pro is a better bet than an iPad mini

I own an iPhone 6s Plus, and I used to own an iPad mini. But I got rid of the iPad mini because the size is simply too close to that of the iPhone 6s Plus. Yes, the iPad mini is bigger than the iPhone 6s Plus but it wasn’t big enough to be a useful complement to my phone.

Enter the iPad Pro.

I own a 12.9-inch iPad Pro and I’ve found that it works great as an alternative to my iPhone 6s Plus when I’m home. The iPad Pro’s screen is so much larger than the iPhone 6s Plus that it offers a much better experience at home.

If I still had my iPad mini, I wouldn’t bother to pick it up and use it rather than my iPhone 6s Plus. The iPad mini would be gathering dust on a shelf somewhere instead of actually being used. That’s not the case with my iPad Pro.

For example, I like to use my iPad Pro when I’m laying on the couch or in bed. It works great for movies, games, web browsing, ebooks, etc. Oh sure, my iPhone 6s Plus works great for those things too, but the phone is for when I’m on the go and the tablet is for when I’m laying around at home.

The iPad mini is still a great device

I don’t want anybody to get the wrong idea here and think that I’m bashing the iPad mini. I think it’s a fantastic tablet, it has much to offer any iOS user. But for me it’s simply too close to the size of the iPhone 6s Plus for it to be worth owning.

On the other hand, if you own an iPhone SE or even an iPhone 6s with their 4-inch and 4.7-inch screens, then an iPad mini could make sense since it is significantly larger than either of them.

But if you’ve got an iPhone 6s Plus, my recommendation is to get an iPad Pro or iPad Air as your tablet.

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