How checkout woes sabotage mobile commerce

Mobile commerce has a lot of potential, but some improvements to the checkout process are needed and can likely make or break its success.

ecommerce woes2

Mobile commerce shows no signs of slowing its furious pace of growth, as consumers get comfortable using their smartphones and tablets to shop anytime and anywhere they want: In a report titled “U.S. Mobile Phone and Tablet Commerce Forecast, 2015 to 2020,” Forrester Research estimates that mobile commerce sales will reach $142 billion this year, up from $115 billion last year.

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Retailers haven’t necessarily been doing high-fives in response, though — that’s because the Forrester report also found that while almost one-third of merchants’ online traffic originates on mobile devices only 11 percent of actual sales are completed via the mobile channel. The thing is, while people spend time browsing, researching products and even starting the purchase process online, actually placing an order on a phone can be a tough task. Anyone who has squinted while hunting for a shopping cart on a tiny screen knows mobile checkout can be a huge pain — so it may come as no surprise that experts say it’s the most likely place for frustrated customers to abandon ship.

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