Galaxy Note7 business review: A fabulous phone with few flaws

If Samsung's Galaxy Note7 isn't already on your radar, you're simply not paying attention. This enterprise-oriented Note7 review details the high-end Android phone's many enterprise strengths and spotlights a few shortcomings.

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Galaxy Note7 enterprise evaluation: Conclusion

It should be clear that I like the Note7. A lot. 

It may be the best-looking phone I've ever used. The Note7 is a great size, and it's not too heavy. It's built of premium materials, and the phone is water resistant. Note7 tech specs are top of the line, across the board. It is designed with security in mind, from Knox to its futuristic iris scanner and valuable Secure Folder. The S Pen is better than ever. Samsung already committed to delivering Android Nougat sooner than later. Note7 supports memory cards and both wired and wireless fast charging. And Samsung Pay enables secure mobile payments, via common corporate credit cards, at the majority of locations where credits cards and contactless payments are accepted.

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The Note7 is also one of the priciest Android phones available today, and it's expensive to repair. The phone's curved display looks great, but it can negatively affect user experience in some cases. Samsung's iris scanner is cool and futuristic, but it's not as reliable as the fingerprint reader, and its performance depends on the environment. And Note7 battery life could be better. 

IT admins who want to deliver the paramount Android experience to their executives, or business users on BYOD plans who won't settle for anything short of the best hardware, will be hard put to find a better business phone. Of course, OS software is a significant factor when selecting new business devices, and though the Note7 may not be enough to make IT shops invested in Apple and iOS switch over to Android, it should be on the radar of any and all enterprise customers researching new Google phones.

You can learn about the Galaxy Note7 on Samsung's website.


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