Engineering firm uses cloud storage to speed file loads, and then unplugs its MPLS net

Moving to Panzura also facilitated the migration from AWS to Azure and helps safeguard against ransomware

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Woodard & Curran is a $200 million integrated engineering, science, and operations company based in Portland, Maine, but has offices scattered across the country. Kenneth Danila, Director of Information Systems, recently helped migrate the company to a cloud based storage system from Panzura to eliminate long delays in sharing huge engineering files, and that shift enabled the company to swap out its expensive MPLS network. Ancillary benefits included a painless way to migrate from one cloud supplier to another (AWS to Azure), and a way to limit the threat of ransomware.  Network World Editor in Chief John Dix recently caught up with Danila in his Dedham, MA office. 

Kenneth Danila, Director of Information Systems, Woodard & Curran

Kenneth Danila, Director of Information Systems, Woodard & Curran

Let’s start with a brief description of your environment and the problem you set out to solve. 

We have a dozen corporate offices, four remote offices for one subsidiary, a handful of small project offices, and we operate 50-60 waste water treatment and water supply plants.  The problem we had is pretty much the same problem all engineering companies have: We deal with large files and large data sets, and our company is spread out across the East Coast and we have a subsidiary in Montana and other facilities towards the West Coast. 

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