macOS Safari: Change the style of web pages with FreeStyler plugin

Tired of viewing the default styles of web pages? FreeStyler is a plugin for Safari in macOS that lets you customize how a web page looks in your browser.

Sometimes when I visit my favorite web sites I can’t help but dislike how they look in Safari. Some sites have great information but I loathe the fonts, background colors and other elements of their pages.

So imagine my delight when I discovered a free plugin for Safari in macOS called FreeStyler. FreeStyler lets you change the fonts, backgrounds and other web page elements with just a click or two.

Here’s the official description of FreeStyler from its site:

FreeStyler has everything you might need to style up websites you visit according to your taste. It provides a great number of ready-to-use styles with convenient system of managing them and editing options for advanced users.

User style is a skin for a website, aimed to give it an absolutely new look by applying new font color and theme, different background or elements layout. Thus you put the irrelevant content out of your view, change color schemes, or completely restructure the entire site.

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My favorite sites look a whole lot better in dark mode

One of the things I’ve tired of over the years is black text on a white background. It’s just glaring to stare at white backgrounds on web pages all of the time.

So I was very happy to find the “Global Dark Style” in FreeStyler. It has made sites like the Drudge Report, Breitbart and many others so much easier on my eyes.

I also found a psychedelic style that has been fun to use as well. It’s amazing how my favorite sites get new life breathed into them by simply changing how they appear in Safari on my iMac. It’s like visiting a total different site if you switch the style in FreeStyler every now and then.

Here's what the Drudge Report looks like with the psychedelic style enabled:


After you install FreeStyler you will see its icon appear at the top of Safari in macOS. When you visit a site, click the icon to see the available styles for that site. You can easily switch from style to style depending on your mood at that moment.

You can also install custom cursors for each site you visit. I installed a silly Iron Man cursor for the Drudge Report and it worked quite well. If you decide to go back to the regular cursor, you can turn off the custom cursor with just a couple of clicks.

manage styles

Try FreeStyler if you’re sick of the same old web sites

If you’re sick of staring at the same site designs each day, check out FreeStyler. There are lots of different styles to choose from, so you are bound to find some that you’ll enjoy using in Safari.

If you have questions about FreeStyler, you can visit the official forum or use the contact page to get assistance. Also take note of the FreeStyler privacy page to understand the company’s privacy policies.

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