2016 CIO 100 Awards

Designing a 21st century business? Ask an 8-year-old

Retooling your business for the future requires a culture shift. Watch how children interact with technology and you’ll understand futurist Mike Walsh’s vision.

Mike Walsh CIO 100
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“If you ever happen to find yourself in Indonesia, there are two important things you need to know about the way the internet operates there. The first thing is before anyone can look at anything online all of the content first has to pass through this tiny, disorganized, chaotic server room in Jakarta. The second thing you need to know is that there’s a man in charge of that room” — and he can take anything offline at any time.

This was the story futurist Mike Walsh told the audience at the CIO 100 event in August to illustrate how digital transformation is “as much about anthropology as it is about technology.”

“We’re entering a new chapter … it’s the call to adventure for all of us here, no matter what industry you work in, what company, what position, to reinvent what you do. Because what really has to change, I believe, is the design of experiences for our customers, for our coworkers, for our business partners,” said Walsh. “Technology is giving us the ability now to redesign those experiences from a human perspective. That is the next big wave of disruption and innovation.”

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