Why are so many people buying the iPhone 7 Plus?

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are both great phones, but many users are opting for the larger model instead of the smaller one.

Apple’s launch of the iPhone 7 can certainly be regarded as a big success, with pre-orders having sold out online. Some models such as the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus are still in short supply, with some Apple customers still waiting to get their phones.

But one of the interesting tidbits about the launch of the iPhone 7 is that the larger version is outselling its smaller sibling, according to 9to5Mac:

Pre-order data shows that more people have ordered the iPhone 7 Plus than the smaller 4.7-inch model. It’s the first time that the larger model has proven more popular than the regular one, with the dual camera the most likely explanation.

Apple never reveals the breakdown of iPhone models ordered, but Slice Intelligence has a huge panel of U.S. shoppers who agree to allow the company to roboscan their emails for purchase receipts and report the data. Analysis of almost 32,000 pre-order receipt emails reveals that the breakdown was 55% Plus, 45% regular. This contrasts with just 35% ordering the iPhone 6 Plus and 41% opting for the 6s Plus.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of its panel members opted for one of the two new colours, Jet Black or Black. Interestingly, though, the matte black proved twice as popular as Jet Black, accounting for 46% of orders against 23% for the high-gloss finish. All other colors trailed significantly behind, as shown below.

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But why are people opting for the larger iPhone 7 Plus instead of the regular iPhone 7? This question came up in a thread on the Apple subreddit recently, and the folks there weren’t shy about sharing their thoughts about it:

Dreamer-X: “Seriously. Do like 90% people really buy the bigger model, because that’s what I read on this sub all the time? Is it really THAT much better? I liked the smaller model for the compactness but it seems like everyone likes the Plus one a lot more. Should I really consider just getting 7+ instead and deal with it?”

Redavid: “I find the Plus annoyingly tall and couldn’t use it, but the larger battery and cameras are certainly appealing. At least the regular 7 finally got optical image stabilization for its camera, though.”

Harbingerredux: “I think a number of things are pushing people to the plus. First is the specs - more RAM, bigger screen, better camera and battery. Second, you have people (like myself) that went with the regular sized iPhone 6 because they weren’t sure of the size and now that they can upgrade are going plus sized. I think too the whole Note fiasco pushed some of those users to iPhone and they want a bigger screen because they are used to it.”

LausanneAndy: “.. after 1 day you no longer find the Plus too big .. .. and the dual-camera thing is really good (Zoom + Portrait-mode-background-blur-effect-thingy).”

MarcoPolo10: “I went with the plus this year for the first time. I wanted the bigger battery and better camera. The battery alone is leagues better than smaller models.”

Allthecookies123: “I’m in the exact same boat as you, decided to go with the plus this year solely for the better battery life. The portrait mode simply sweetens the deal.”

Hollakris: “Better camera, more ram, bigger screen is why I am getting the plus. ”

Zeckvard: “For me personally a bigger phone is great as I watch a lot of media, or read, etc. Add the improved camera to that and I can’t really think of a good reason to choose the smaller model over the Plus.”

SunsOut: “Battery life, camera and better screen.”

Oxzyde: “The whole one handed use thing is way overrated. People adapt and generally quick too. Larger high res screens with big batteries is becoming the standard now. Gaming, videos, movies, GPS, etc. is better on a larger screen. Vision doesn’t get better over time. Better camera.”

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Bigger is better when it comes to iPhones

Since I have an iPhone 6s Plus, I’ve decided to skip the iPhone 7 and wait for the iPhone 8. But I can totally understand why so many people have opted for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Bigger is better.

I tried using an iPhone 6s a while back, and while I liked the smaller profile and lighter weight, I hated the smaller screen and battery. I found it irritating to view web pages on the 6s, read Kindle books, or play games.

I ended up taking my iPhone 6s back and traded it in for an iPhone 6s Plus, and I don’t regret it for a second. As soon as I picked up the iPhone 6s Plus I knew it was the right phone for me. Everything was easier to see, and the battery life lasted much longer than the smaller iPhone.

Let’s face it, the iPhone is not really a phone. It’s a pocket computer. Yes, it makes phone calls but that is probably one of the least used functions of the iPhone. I suspect that most people use their “phones” for apps, the web, social media, games, books, etc.

So the bigger screen of the iPhone 7 Plus and the much better battery life make a big difference in terms of carrying around a pocket computer. Unless you have really small hands, it doesn’t make much sense to buy the iPhone 7 instead of the 7 Plus.

Now I realize that some folks actually do use their phone as a phone more than as a pocket computer. But I suspect that they are an increasingly smaller minority of iPhone users. And if phone calls is their primary use of an iPhone, then they might want to skip the iPhone 7 and just go to the iPhone SE.

As for me, I’m happy with my iPhone 6s Plus and I’m looking forward to the iPhone 8 Plus. You couldn’t pay me enough to use a smaller iPhone, and I know I’m not alone in that feeling given the popularity of the iPhone 7 Plus.

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