How to convert video files to mp4 with VLC

Did you know that you can use VLC to convert video formats?

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At times there is a need to transcode videos from one format to another. There are many expensive and paid solutions like Wondershare, which is awesome but you have to shell out $59 for it. You don't have to spend that money on software. There is a very powerful open source tool that’s like the swiss knife of the multimedia world. It’s called VLC.

VLC is primarily known as a very powerful multimedia player that can play virtually any video format, however there are many hidden gems of this player, and one of them is transcoding.

How to transcode video using VLC

Open VLC and go to File > Convert Stream.

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Depending on the operating system, the location of items may be different. This is how VLC looks on macOS.

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'Open Media' and add the video file that you want to transcode, then choose the format of the exported media and then click on ‘Save as file'.

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Then use the browse button to choose the location of the transcoded video, give it a name and click save.

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It will take you back to the first screen, just click on the save button and media conversion will start.

How to convert videos from Ubuntu

Open VLC and then go to ‘Media’ > Convert/Save option on the drop down menu.

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Even if it’s the same app, the entire interface is a bit different and cluttered in Ubuntu. Once you open the Convert/Save option you will see a new window to add files for conversion. Browse for the file that you want to convert.

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Choose the format of the transcoded video in the next window from the list and then choose the location where the transcoded video will be saved. Click on the ‘Convert/Save’ button which will open a new window where you can choose the format of the converted video. Then you have to pick the location where the converted video will be saved. 

ubuntu destination
Swapnil Bhartiya

Click on the ‘Start’ button and your video will start to transcode.

How to transcode video on Windows 10

Open VLC on Window and choose Media > Convert/Save from the drop down menu.

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That will open the following window where you can add files for transcoding.

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Once you have added the file, click on the ‘Convert/Save’ button that will open another window. 

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Here browse and choose the destination for the transcoded video, and provide the new name for the converted video. Finally, select the format of the transcoded video and click on ‘Start’. Your transcoding will start.

That’s how you convert media file formats in VLC.

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