3 reasons to buy Fitbit Flex 2 (and 3 reasons not to)

Fitbit's latest tracker is an upgraded version of its entry-level Flex wearable. Flex 2 is a quality fitness tracker with a competitive price, but it lacks a display and battery life could be stronger.

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Fitbit's fourth new fitness tracker of 2016, Flex 2 ($100), is a worthy successor to the original Flex. It is the lightest, thinnest, most flexible Fitbit wristband, and Flex 2 doesn't look clunky next to your analog watch or smartwatch. It's also worth a look if you frequently swim for exercise.

However, Flex 2 has some unfortunate compromises. 

3 reasons why you should buy Fitbit Flex 2

1. Flex 2 is very thin and light

Flex 2 is 30 percent smaller than the first Flex model, according to Fitbit. It is the activity tracking wristband for people who aren't sure they really want a wearable. It's also thin and light, so it sits fairly unobtrusively next to a smartwatch or traditional timepiece.

2. Flex 2 is water resistant

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