Slippery iPhone? Try egrips protective sticker

Apple’s iPhone is a beautiful device, but it’s also incredibly slippery. eGrips protective sticker lets you hold your iPhone without dropping it.

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Apple’s iPhone has long been known as one of the most visually attractive smartphones on the market. The iPhone’s brushed aluminum case has made it a distinct icon in a market teeming with competitive products.

However, as attractive as the iPhone’s brushed aluminum may look to the eye, it also makes the iPhone incredibly slippery. Anyone who has held an iPhone 6, 6s or 6s Plus knows what I’m talking about from their own experience.

That is why most people opt to put some sort of case on their iPhone, to make it less slippery and protect if if they drop accidentally drop it. But not everybody likes cases either, some people like myself find them to be annoying.

If you’re like me, you probably want the option to use your iPhone without a case. Enter the egrips protective sticker, which helps protect your iPhone by making it much grippier.

Here's the official description from Amazon:

ADDS SECURE TACTILE FEEL: The iPhone 6 Plus and many of their protective cases are really slippery. This single back piece adds a spectacular tactile feel to the bare phone, or your protective case.

PREVENTS DEVICE FROM SLIDING: egrips® patented dimpled silicone elastomer has an extremely high coefficient of friction, preventing your devices from sliding around on car seats, center consoles, counter tops, desktops, etc.

IMPROVES ONE HANDED OPERATION: The assistive material makes the phone easier to handle and hold, giving you a much better grip when texting, especially with one hand.

DESIGNED TO FIT PHONE OR CASE: Applied to the bare phone or as a case accessory, it’s easy to become dependent on the simple functionality it provides. Easy to apply and cleanly removable. Made in USA. Designed to grip. Stays Clean. Not Magnetic or Sticky.

Apply to FLAT SURFACES ONLY. Material cannot wrap around curved edges and does not stretch. egrips® material is a soft, consumable elastomer that can provide many months of performance when treated with care. Similar to high performance tires, the more friction that is applied, the faster it wears. Due to it’s softness, it is subject to damage when gouged, scraped or excessively rubbed. Sliding a device with an egrips piece applied into tight cases/pockets will accelerate normal wear.


I recently bought the egrips protective sticker from Amazon for my iPhone 6s Plus. I had been using Apple’s leather case, which worked fine but also added some weight and a slight bit of added width to my iPhone 6s Plus.

It took less than a minute to put the egrips protective sticker on my iPhone 6s Plus when it arrived from Amazon. What a difference it made for me! I could lay my phone in my hand and almost tilt my hand all the way vertically and the phone didn’t slip out of my hand.

Now when I reach for my iPhone 6s Plus, it’s much easier to pick it up and then hold onto it. The egrips protective sticker worked much better than I expected. It let me dump the Apple leather case and use my phone as Apple intended it to be used, in all of its brushed aluminum glory.


Now you might be wondering if I carry my iPhone 6s Plus around with me without anything additional to protect it. Since I usually have keys and other potentially damaging objects in my pockets, I opted to get a Sena UltraSlim Leather Sleeve.

The Sena Sleeve is extremely thin and lightweight, and it keeps my iPhone 6s Plus protected while it’s in my pocket when I’m out and about. I don’t have to worry about keys or anything else damaging my iPhone 6s Plus when I’m carrying it around with me.

The combination of the Sena sleeve and the egrips protective sticker has worked very well for me. I can use my iPhone without any kind of case on it, and the phone is kept safe when I leave the house.

I highly recommend checking out both products if you want to use your slippery iPhone without any kind of case.

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