Why I didn’t buy the Apple Watch Series 2

The new Apple Watch has much to recommend it, but not enough for me to upgrade from the first Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 2 has been out for a while now, and some folks are quite enthusiastic about it. It has a built-in GPS, better water resistance, a faster dual-core processor and a display that is about twice as bright as the previous Apple Watch.

But I decided not to buy Apple Watch Series 2.

I already own an Apple Watch first generation model, the black 38mm sport version. I love the watch, it works extremely well for me as a fitness tracker. I use it when I go out walking, lift weights and do other fitness activities.

So why didn’t I buy the new Apple Watch? The biggest reason is watchOS 3. The latest version of watchOS has made my first generation Apple Watch so much faster that buying the new one just didn’t seem worth it to me. If you used watchOS 2 then upgraded to watchOS 3, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I don’t run, so the built-in GPS just isn’t necessary for me. I can understand the appeal though for runners who don’t want to carry their iPhones with them on a run. GPS can be an incredibly useful tool for runners.

I swim occasionally, but I’ve never had the desire to swim with my Apple Watch. And I’m quite careful with it when around water, so the increased water resistance didn’t do much for me either. The first Apple Watch is already water resistant enough to meet my needs.

I admit that the brighter screen of the Series 2 Apple Watch did catch my eye. I have noticed that my current Apple Watch can be harder to see than I’d like when I’m out in bright sunlight. But even the brighter screen wasn’t quite enough to get me to buy the Series 2 Apple Watch.

I also did not care for the fact that the Series 2 Apple Watch is slightly bulkier and heavier than the first generation. That additional size and weight is probably due to the built-in GPS. Since I don’t need the GPS, the extra weight and slight size increase just wasn’t worth it to me.

If anything I’ve found that a lighter and preferably thinner Apple Watch would be very welcome indeed. I started out owning a 42mm Stainless Steel watch but soon found it to be too heavy and clunky on my wrist, so I switched to the lighter aluminum model in 38mm.

My experience with the Apple Watch is that lighter is better. I’m hoping that the Apple Watch Series 3 will actually be a little thinner and lighter than even the first generation watch. There’s no way to know if this will happen of course, but I have my fingers crossed.

I don’t want anybody to think that I’m bashing the new Series 2 Apple Watch. I think it’s a great watch, and first time Apple Watch buyers should certainly consider getting one. But the choice is more difficult for folks that already own the first Apple Watch.

In my case, it just made more sense to sit tight and wait for Apple Watch Series 3.

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