CIO Career Coach: How to ace a job interview, part 2 (video)

In the second of three related video primers, IT executive recruiter Martha Heller shares more expert insight and advice on how to deliver a perfect performance in a job interview.

Welcome to the fifth episode of "CIO Career Coach," a video series I created with and, the video division of CIO's parent company IDG.

As an executive recruiter, I constantly prepare IT executive candidates for job interviews. I have spent so much time coaching candidates for job interviews that I have collected more advice than will fit into one video. So, I dedicated three episodes to this critical topic.

In the previous episode, I shared valuable pointers such as "prepare a transformation story," and "be ready to answer the first 90-day question."

In the video above, the second of three videos focused on helping you ace your job interview, I present my next batch of advice.

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