Civilization VI released for Mac

Aspyr has released Civilization VI for the Mac via Steam. The game will also be released soon in the Mac App Store, according to Aspyr.

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Civilization VI is the latest installment to the incredibly popular series of strategy games. The PC version was released three days ago, and now the Mac version is already available.

But in order to play Civilization VI on your Mac, you’ll have to get it from Steam. Aspyr says it will release a version of the game in the Mac App Store soon, but until that happens you’ll need to fire up your Steam client to get the game.

There are two versions of the game available on Steam. The regular version sells for $59.99 and the Digital Deluxe version sells for $79.99. You also have the option of buying either version of the game with the Steam Controller.

If you're new to playing the Civilization games, be sure to browse through the helpful videos on the Civilization VI site. They'll help you get started with the game.

Civilization VI reviews

Reviews of Civilization VI have started to appear on gaming sites, here are some links that will give you an idea of what to expect from Civilization VI:

GameSpot: Spectacular strategic depth and intricate interlocking nuances

PC Gamer: Civilization 6 is the ultimate digital board game

Eurogamer: A more flexible, cohesive and complete experience than any base-game entry in the series’ 25-year history

CNet: Civilization VI is 4X excellence

Trusted Reviews: Civilization VI gives the series’ 20-year Anniversary the hurrah it deserves

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: A thing of wonder, and a late contender for my personal game of the year

The official Civilization VI trailer for Mac

Here’s the official Mac launch trailer for Civilization VI:

What Mac gamers are saying about Civilization VI

News about the release of Civilization VI for the Mac caught the attention of Mac gamers in the Apple subreddit, and they shared their thoughts about the game:

Edop2005: “Which 3d engine is it using on MacOs ? Is it using metal?”

Secondaltaccount: “Sadly not:

Kravitzz: “lol wont even bother installing it now, it’s going to crap out on my 2014 MBP.”

Johnwithcheese: “Bootcamp it is then!”

David_Harrison: “Past Civilization games haven’t screamed on my Mac, but they haven’t been as bad as other games that use Wine or another wrapper. Those have contributed to a large part of the perception of Macs being bad for gaming because they aren’t even ports; Wine is like Rosetta for Windows apps.

Developing a Mac native Metal version though wouldn’t have been cheap, though there are already Civilzation games for iOS that may have given them the experience or talent they need to do it properly. Here’s hoping!”

Concrete_Cows: “As someone with a fleeting interest in a game like Civ but who has literally no experience of ever playing a strategy-like game. Is there a high barrier to entry?”

Getoutofheretaffer: “Civ is the go-to entry point for the genre. The series does an excellent job of introducing you to the mechanics.”

Cyberjoek: “The barrier isn’t high – I recommend the tutorial and setting the difficulty down from the default for your first few games. Also there’s an adviser who will help you understand all the mechanics as you unlock them.”

WinterCharm: “Now if only apple will care about games and give us decent…GPU’s”

Blazinsmokey: “It wouldn’t matter if Apple gave us gaming GPUs. The absence of DirectX on macOS will always follow the path of…unoptimized ports that use openGL which runs like poop on any system.”

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