7 IT tools and resources every digital advertising agency needs

A list of some of the top resources your digital advertising agency should consider using.

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Knowledge, experience and raw skills are all crucial components of success in the digital advertising world, but the truth of the matter is that everyone possesses them. Some have more talent than others, but at your level, it’s impossible to deny that these things are pretty consistent from organization to organization.

However, there are a couple of things that set growing digital advertising agencies apart from stagnant ones. The first is innovation, which fully embodies the enhancement and perfection of processes and ideas that come before. It’s the positive evolution that fuels growing ad agencies and nudges them in the right direction.

“In the vast sea of innovation, companies that take the largest risk, close the biggest gaps and identify the newest opportunities are rewarded with the title of true innovators and leaders by their consumers and peers,” says Jacob Beckley, VP of innovation at Fusion92. “These true innovators are setting themselves apart from any and all competition.”

The second thing that sets growing digital ad agencies apart is available access and utilization of the right tools and resources. While skills and experience can take your organization a long way, powerful tools that streamline, automate and improve accuracy make all the difference.

In 2016, it’s impossible to take a DIY approach to IT in the digital advertising industry. With so much competition and a demand for enhanced security and processes, the only way to stay relevant and continue scaling is by accessing the appropriate resources.

As a CIO, CTO or IT lead at your agency, how can you possibly sift through the thousands of different tools on the market and identify the ones that will allow you to grow the fastest?

Well, we’re here to simplify things a bit with a list of some of the top resources you should consider using.

  1. Zetta

You know that look in a co-worker’s eye — the helpless one that says, “I lost an important file.” The only thing worse than recognizing that look is having to tell the individual that you can’t recover it. That’s why you need data protection and disaster recovery solutions on hand at all times.

With Zetta’s backup and restore service, you can instill confidence in your organization and ensure there are no issues with lost files or other business-critical data. Whether a large digital media file for an important client has gone missing, or your server has been compromised and you need to get back on track, Zetta can help with all of your data protection needs.

  1. LastPass

As someone who deals with various tools and programs on a daily basis, you know just how frustrating it can be to forget password combinations or get locked out of an account. Plus, whenever anyone else in the agency forgets their password, they immediately come to your department looking for a solution. With LastPass, you can end these frustrations without compromising security.

LastPass is a password solution for organizations that are looking to increase productivity and compliance, while simultaneously mitigating risk. The platform syncs passwords and allows for “single sign-on” for every app and tool. This means no more forgotten passwords or fumbling around. Everything fits neatly into a single tool.

  1. ManageEngine

While the influx of new IT technologies over the past decade has had predominantly positive effects on ad agencies all across the industry, the issue is that more tools mean more time commitment to learning and maintaining these tools. If you don’t have some sort of unifying solution for these fragmented resources, then you’re most likely spending more time than you should on management. Enter ManageEngine.

ManageEngine is a unified IT monitoring tool that offers everything from network monitoring, bandwidth analysis, and firewall log management to configuration management, application monitoring, and end-user experience monitoring. It’s essentially one tool for multiple IT management needs.

  1. Centrify

As you’re well aware, cyber threats and attacks are on the rise. Whether you’re a small boutique agency or a massive organization, the risk of a data breach is always right around the corner. That’s why you need a robust solution like Centrify on your side.

Centrify is a comprehensive identify platform that organizes all of your users — both employees and clients — and puts them into a single controlled area for monitoring. This allows you to enforce company policies, regardless of whether the user signs in via an on-premise or cloud application. Ultimately, Centrify allows for enhanced security and continuous compliance — which yields improved ROI.

  1. Slack

Internal cross-departmental communication can be tricky. Do you send an email, pick up the phone, or head down the hallway? What if you need to communicate with a large group of people but don’t want your message to get lost in cluttered inboxes? There has to be a better solution for communicating, right?

You’re probably familiar with the Slack — even if you’ve never used it in the past. It’s one of the hottest communication tools on the market and is used by individuals, groups, and organizations alike. Slack is chat platform with excellent search and specialization features, but what really makes it great is minimalist design. Look out for an enterprise version later this year.

  1. Vaultlive

Are you worried about your data being compromised by an outside party? Well, you need as many solutions as possible to protect your agency and avoid dangerous threats that could damage your data and lead to costly issues down the road.

Vaultlive is a transparent network proxy that essentially sits between your network and the internet. While there are plenty of tools like this, the beauty of Vaultlive is that it doesn’t require any on-premise equipment. If you want to use cloud-based services, but aren’t quite sure about the integrity of the companies operating them, you can encrypt everything prior to sending your data to their servers. This extra level of security renders greater confidence.

  1. Proofpoint

One of the biggest threats currently facing business and organizations across all industries is ransomware. And in most cases, businesses are exposed to ransomware through email. So, if you want to mitigate your risk, it stands to reason that your agency needs a strong email security solution in place.

One of the best tools on the market is Proofpoint. It securely controls both inbound and outbound email, protecting you from minor annoyances like spam and bulk mail, as well as serious issues like ransomware and phishing.

Empower Your Agency With the Right Resources

As mentioned, there are two things that set growing digital ad agencies apart from stagnant ones. They are (1) a forward-thinking innovative mindset and (2) utilization of the right resources. And while the marketplace is oversaturated with different tools and technologies, the good news is that there are wonderful opportunities waiting for agencies who are able to identify and implement the right ones.

As we progress through the latter half of 2016 and start looking toward what 2017 holds, start to consider the various IT needs of your agency and identify solutions that you believe would help alleviate some of the friction.

This list is a fantastic place to start!

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