5 enterprise cloud strategy trends for 2019

Multi-cloud strategies targeted at driving innovation, complemented by containers, Kubernetes and serverless computing, lead the cloud computing trends for 2019.

5 enterprise cloud strategy trends for 2019

Cloud computing has become the de facto platform for fueling digital transformations and modernizing IT portfolios. Companies are increasingly finding business agility or cost savings by renting software through vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft and Google. 

In fact, most enterprises procure cloud services from two or more vendors, a trend that will gain traction in 2019. This will boost the coffers of AWS, Microsoft, Alibaba, Google, IBM and Oracle, which will enjoy the lion’s share of the $200 billion in global public cloud spending for 2019, according to Forrester Research.

Despite the strict demands of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the cloud’s geographic expansion won’t be slowing down, as vendors will expand their service portfolios and regional footprints worldwide.

But another shift is under way as the cloud progresses into its teenage years: Rather than just serving up cheaper temporary servers and storage, the cloud will bring innovative development services to enterprise applications in the year ahead, says Forrester Research analyst Dave Bartoletti.

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