Amazon Echo vs. Google Home: The choice is obvious

On the surface, it may seem like a difficult choice between Alexa and Google Home, but once you look at them from a practical perspective, the choice becomes clear.

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Shopping experience

Amazon Echo is geared towards getting more people to buy stuff from, but it offers a very subpar shopping experience. I wanted to know more about the latest Nikon D5 camera as I am planning to upgrade my Nikon D750.

Me: Alexa, can you tell me more about the Nikon D5 camera?

Alexa: Did you want me to order Nikon D5 camera.

My repeated attempts led to the same answer from Alexa, like a desperate salesman trying to sell me a camera. When I asked the same question, Google Home gave me an overview of the camera, pulling information from using Digital Photography review through the Knowledge Graph.

When I make purchases from Amazon, I check different prices and read reviews. Alexa can’t do any of that, no matter what you ask, she just wants to sell that product to you. Sorry, Amazon but I am not going to place an order without knowing more about the product or reading at least the top critical reviews.

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