Amazon Echo vs. Google Home: The choice is obvious

On the surface, it may seem like a difficult choice between Alexa and Google Home, but once you look at them from a practical perspective, the choice becomes clear.

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A hundred dollar question: Who is smarter?

Whether you are looking for music, products,  or seeking information, it’s a day and night difference between Amazon Echo and Google Home. Alexa doesn’t understand natural language and context. Alexa failed to answer when I asked how big Thailand is in comparison to India, whereas Google gave me a size comparison.

Once you start a conversation with Google Home, it knows what you are talking about. When I asked Google where Thailand was, it gave me the size. Now it knew that I asked about Thailand, and as you would do in the real world, I simply asked ‘how big is it compared to India’ (notice that I didn’t say Thailand) and Google gave me a size comparison. Then I asked ‘what’s the capital city’ and it said ‘Bangkok’. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: How far is it?

Google Home: Bangkok is 8,795 miles away as the crow flies

Me: What kind of food do they eat?

Google Home: Here is a summary of food from Bangkok, Thailand…..” (and google started telling me about Thai dishes.)

Me: Hey Google, can you play some music from there?

Google Home: Sure here is a playlist of top songs from Thailand…

Pure magic!

That conversation is not possible with Amazon Echo; you have to use the keyword “Thailand” in every question; it has no clue of the ongoing conversation.  Additionally, you can’t ask basic questions like size comparison. When I asked, “Hey Alexa, what kind of food do they eat in Thailand,” Alexa said, “Sorry I can’t find the answer to the question I heard.” I tried again and asked “What kind of food do they eat in Bangkok”, but instead of telling me the dishes, Alexa started giving me names of some restaurants in Bangkok. It was a frustrating conversation with Alexa. I felt as if I was talking to a primitive robot, however in the case of Google Home, it felt natural, as if you were talking to a person.

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