6 reasons to love Angular 2

See what all the Angular 2 excitement is about and why it’s different from every other JavaScript framework out there.

Angular 2 primary

If you build web applications, chances are you’ve heard of Angular, the popular JavaScript framework for building full-featured, client-side, browser-based applications. The recent release of Angular 2 (September 2016) brought Angular into the modern web and expanded its reach into mobile and desktop applications.

So what’s all of the Angular 2 excitement about? How is it different from every other JavaScript framework out there? Is it worth learning? What’s so great about it? 

Here are six reasons to love Angular 2.

1. Enhanced developer productivity with Angular 2

The web has changed significantly during these past five years. With ECMAScript (ES) 2015, we have modules, classes and arrow functions. Angular 2 leverages these features to make its coding patterns more consistent and easier to learn.

Add to that Typescript, a language that is a superset of JavaScript and provides static typing and interfaces. By leveraging TypeScript for Angular development, we get great tooling such as type checking, safer refactoring and inline code documentation.

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