Surgeon, innovator and entrepreneur shares insights

Recognizes value of people who bring skills, ideas and experience to the table.

Anthony Chang, MD, MBA, MPH, MS, SoPE OC/SD chapter president; Larry Stofko, The Innovation Institut

It was quite inspiring to hear Jeffrey Hausfeld, founder and chairman of the Board of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE), speak recently about his experience as a surgeon, innovator and entrepreneur.

This was during the inaugural meeting of the Society’s Orange County/San Diego Chapter held at our Innovation Lab in Newport Beach.

SoPE, a biomedical and health care innovation network of over 26,000 international members, is our newest alliance partner, giving us expanded collaboration through their 23 chapters worldwide.

Hausfeld shared lessons learned in translational medicine and entrepreneurship, including why not to move forward on an idea or technology that “isn’t better, faster, safer and cheaper.” He also impressed upon the group of 40 that “people bring skills, ideas and experience to a company, and to recognize that all three have great value.”

Anthony Chang, chief intelligence and innovation officer for the Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, will lead the new chapter, and he has the credentials that will help inspire new members.

Chang has introduced several innovations in pediatric cardiac care, including the cardiac drug milrinone and the axial-type ventricular assist device for children that he co-designed with Dr. Michael DeBakey, renowned heart surgeon and medical pioneer. Then in 2013, he started Pediatrics 2040: Emerging Trends and Future Innovations symposium, and this gathering of great minds has become a catalyst for the international Society for Pediatric Innovation (iSPI).

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