8 tech startup trends to watch in 2017

Artificial intelligence startups will be big next year, along with startups in cybersecurity, chatbots, VR and legalized recreational marijuana, according to experts.

2017 predictions

According to a set of intelligent humans interviewed for this story, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are going to help drive the tech economy in 2017.

When CIO.com posted a query on Help a Reporter Out, a site designed to help journalists connect with sources, asking about startup trends to watch in 2017, the overwhelming majority of respondents pointed to AI. This coming year and beyond, AI will help companies "disrupt sectors that haven't been fully disrupted," says Anthony Glomski, principal of AG Asset Advisory, a financial advisory firm. "AI is in its beginning stages with massive potential impact."

Here are eight startup categories and trends experts believe will be big in 2017.

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