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Check out some of the most talked about products at Amazon Web Service’s cloud conference

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Amazon Web Service’s re:Invent conference is one of the premier showcases for new cloud technology spanning across the infrastructure, platform and software as a service markets. Check out some of the hottest products being announced or displayed at the show, from new tools for managing big data to products that help optimize your cloud use to ones that help secure your environment.


Alert Logic Cloud Insight

Key features: Alert Logic Cloud Insight, the first AWS-native vulnerability and configuration assessment solution, is now available in AWS Marketplace.  AWS customers can now access the technology solution from AWS Marketplace, paying only for the services consumed, with no monthly fees or subscription costs. More info.


Avere Cloud-Core NAS system (C2N)

Key features: The Avere C2N system combines the simplicity of NAS and efficiency of object storage to deliver cloud-enabled infrastructure to the enterprise. Transforms traditional storage environments into cloud infrastructure that scales from 120TB to more than 5PB to provide an easy, economical path to the cloud. More info.


Aviatrix Remote Access Bundle for AWS VPC

Key features: Aviatrix Remote Accessbundle is an integrated solution that combines AWS Virtual Private Cloud with Aviatrix cloud-defined networking software to deliver secure SSL VPN connectivity to Amazon VPCs for enterprises. More info.


AWS Quick Starts for JIRA Service Desk Data Center

Key features: With AWS's Quick Starts, JIRA Service Desk Data Center customers can now deploy their Data Center instance to AWS and standardize on one reliable platform that scales seamlessly. More info.


SelectStar database monitoring platform

Key features: SelectStar is the company’s first SaaS-based solution that provides unified database performance monitoring alongside cloud infrastructure to increase end-user satisfaction and reduce time required to diagnose and resolve performance issues. More info.


Analytical Influence

Key features – Analytical Influence computationally performs analytic identification and categorization of social media data to determine opinions expressed toward specific topics at a very low cost. More info.


CloudCheckr Automate

Key features: CloudCheckr Automate for AWS includes hundreds of different actions and reports that helps users streamline and unify actions to lower costs, ensure security, schedule backups and snapshots, and cleanup resources. More info.


CloudBerry Backup

Key features:  File System and Image-based backup that includes customer-owned encryption keys and disaster recovery to AWS, Azure or Google virtual machines. More info.

clouddyn container

Cloudyn Container Strategy with initial support for AWS ECS

Key features: In response to growing customer demand for visibility into container cost performance and utilization, Cloudyn recently announced support for AWS ECS, including deployment cost projections, cost allocation and optimization recommendations. More info.


ClustrixDB 8.0

Key features: In-memory functionality – 300 percent performance improvement, streaming HTAP; Containerization – easy to install and orchestrate ongoing deployments, on any cloud or data center; 256-bit encryption – partition-level encryption. More info.

clouddyn dex


Key features:  Using big-data analysis based on aggregated information from over 15% of total global cloud spend, Cloudyn has developed a comprehensive industry benchmark for cloud efficiency. More info.


Element Builder

Key features: Element Builder is a serverless API distribution platform that enables developers to publish APIs and deploy AWS Lambda Functions to support a serverless architecture. More info.


CloudPassage Halo

Key features: Enhancements to the Halo platform include a new filtering featuring in the portal UI and improvements to the traffic discovery functionality, making it easier to organize and manage security controls and reports. More info.


Console platform

Key features: With the reliability of the public internet under threat, Console enables private, high-performance direct connections to business-critical cloud applications and partners. Console is now an AWS Standard Technology Partner. More info.



Key features: AppGate delivers dynamic, user-centric AWS Security via a Software-Defined Perimeter, providing automated user control, operational agility and simplified compliance. AppGate for AWS is now available in the AWS Marketplace. More info.


Convox Workflows

Pricing: Single workflow is free; Unlimited workflows for $100/month; Unlimited workflows with audit logs for $500/month; Self-hosted / enterprise version available

Key features: Convox Workflows safely deploys Docker images from code pushes. Configure Workflows to build images, run tests, then deploy images to production. All the operations run in your own AWS account for total privacy and isolation. More info.


Anomaly Detection

Key features: Datadog’s new machine learning-based feature, Anomaly Detection, allows engineering teams to quickly identify abnormal behavior within rapidly changing cloud environments, based on historical patterns that are impossible to track manually. More info.


DgSecure 6.0

Key features: DgSecure detects, protects, monitors, and audits sensitive data in nearly all data sources, on-premises and in the cloud. Updates include sensitive data discovery for Amazon Redshift, RDS, and S3. More info.


Datera Elastic Data Fabric 2.0

Key features: Datera Elastic Data Fabric 2.0 is the application-driven block storage for on-premise that supports any application, on any orchestration stack, at any scale. More info.


Datos IO RecoverX

Pricing: Yearly subscription based on size of databases protected and cloud provider costs.

Key features: In Booth #2743 at AWS re:Invent, Datos IO will demonstrate RecoverX 1.5 with Any-Point-In-Time (APIT) functionality and flexible recovery point objective (RPOs), for significant reductions in application downtime. More info.


Dome9 Arc with Flex Pricing for AWS

Pricing: Live micro and nano EC2 instances are protected for free. Live small and medium EC2 and RDS instances cost $0.01/hour, while large and xlarge instances can be protected for $0.02/hour.

Key features: Flex Pricing allows AWS customers to pay for the Dome9 enterprise-class cloud infrastructure security service through their integrated AWS bill by signing up through the AWS Marketplace. More info.



Key features: Embotics vCommander, the fastest and easiest way for IT organizations and service providers to automate provisioning across private/public/hybrid cloud infrastructures, is being demoed at AWS re:Invent booth #2535. More info.


FileMaker Cloud

Key features: FileMaker Cloud is a cloud-based platform for managing and running custom apps. It is the cloud version of the FileMaker custom app development platform. More info.


Software Analysis Workbench (SAW) and Cryptol

Key features: Provides the ability to formally verify critical code by leveraging automated reasoning tools. Used to prove correctness of the DRBG and HMAC components of the AWS s2n TLS/SSL library. More info.



Key features: With the free version of Fugue, you can provision multiple cloud environments and enforce infrastructure configurations across AWS regions in a single account. It is ideal for a range of use cases, such as quickly spinning up and tearing down dev and test environments. More info.


Enterprise Social Learning Platform

Key features: The Everwise Enterprise Social Learning Platform connects professionals to the people, development resources and experiences they need to thrive at each stage of their careers and incorporates comprehensive, personalized social and experiential learning experiences at scale. More info.


Gigamon Visibility Platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Key features: The industry’s first pervasive visibility platform for public, private and hybrid clouds that enables consistent and elastic visibility into data-in-motion across the entire enterprise. More info.


kintone for Alexa Voice Services

Key features: kintone’s low-code application platform is the first to leverage Amazon’s Alexa Voice Services to streamline inventory and billing databases for more efficient retail customer order management using voice commands. More info.


Igneous Data Service

Key features: Igneous Systems delivers true cloud for local data. Igneous Data Service is designed to deliver the value of IT cloud services for data that organizations need to keep within their own data centers. More info.


Kontena v 1.0

Key features: Kontena v 1.0 is a production-ready container and microservices platform that provides developers with an easy-to-use full-stack solution that is uniquely suited to their needs, enabling them to rapidly and easily deploy applications. More info.


Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS

Key features: Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS is an enterprise grade datacenter-scale operating system, providing a single platform for running containers, big data, and distributed apps in production. More info.



Key features: ONTAP Cloud delivers enterprise-class data storage management across cloud vendors giving organizations a universal storage platform to easily replicate and move data across hybrid clouds. More info.


NodeSource Certified Modules

Key features: NodeSource Certified Modules are a secure, trusted, and verifiable way to consume what is typically untrusted, third-party JavaScript modules published in the Node.js module ecosystem. More info.


Turnkey Dedicated DNS

Key features: DNS is a mission-critical service yet for most enterprises it is a single point of failure. NS1 Turnkey Dedicated DNS is a cloud service that provides DNS redundancy for businesses that cannot afford to be down. More info.


Observable Networks’ Endpoint Modeling

Pricing: SaaS subscriptions start from $137.00 month ($2.75 per month for 50 endpoints) to $6900 (for 15,000 endpoints at $.46 each). AWS VPC pricing starts at $5 per million log lines.

Key features: Dynamic Endpoint Modeling uses Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Flow Logs to efficiently spot potential threats within your cloud. This low-cost approach identifies potential security problems quickly, enabling much faster threat remediation. More info.


Key features: provides end-to-end data management-as-a-service. Its unique self-optimizing architecture utilizes machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to model and streamline the data journey from source to analysis. More info.


PagerDuty Operations Command Console

Key features: Operations Command Console provides Developers, IT Ops and DevOps teams with a unified view of application performance, infrastructure health, and incident response workflows to not only accelerate incident resolution, but provide actionable insights that help prevent future downtime. Intelligence applications provide the full-stack visibility required to mobilize, coordinate and orchestrate both technical and business response to incidents. More info.


Quali CloudShell 7.1

Key features: Quali’s Cloudshell 7.1 allows development and test organizations to replicate complex on-premise and public cloud environments with cloud sandboxes to accelerate cloud adoption with reduced risk, increased quality and security. More info.



Key features: ParkMyCloud’s AWS EC2 scheduler, which helps companies save 65% on AWS costs, now has an automated policy engine so users can create rules for schedules to automatically apply for “zero-touch parking”. More info.


Racemi DynaCenter

Key features: Racemi DynaCenter offers fully automated cloud migration software to the AWS cloud or between cloud environments. Additionally, Racemi offers services options to help enterprise customers meet their cloud migration needs. More info.


Qubole Data Service (QDS)

Key features: Qubole Data Services (QDS) - a platform for using data processing tools like MapReduce, Hadoop, Sparkin the cloud - is now available on AWS Marketplace with support for the new SaaS Subscriptions functionality, enabling customers to subscribe directly on AWS Marketplace and benefit from consolidated billing. More info.

Scality S3 Server

Scality S3 Server

Key features: Deployable on a single server, the Scality S3 Server open source software enables developers to code to the S3 API locally and even extend the API as needed. More info.


Saviynt Security Analyzer for AWS

Key features: Saviynt Security Analyzer for AWS enables organizations to gain visibility into critical risks and meet compliance objectives with over 250 security controls and best practices and it’s free. More info.


PyraCloud Platform

Key features: PyraCloud provides visibility into cloud services as Azure, AWS and Office 365. Organizations can effectively procure maximizing the return on investment and allocating more resources and efforts to driving innovation. More info.



Key features: With Skuid now available on AWS, customers can prototype and deploy bespoke apps without writing code. AWS customers will now have innovative options to boldly advance their plans for massively scalable cloud applications. More info.



Product names: Solodev Web Experience Platform (single server version or high availability cluster)

  • Solodev for Windows 2012 and 2016
  • Solodev for Amazon Linux

Key features: With Solodev’s web experience platform now available as a SaaS Subscription on AWS Marketplace, customers can sign up via their existing accounts and deploy beautiful, enterprise-level websites in minutes. More info.


V2 of Stratoscale Symphony

Key features: V2 of Stratoscale Symphony is a turnkey software solution that enables service providers and enterprises to offer comprehensive cloud services while effectively managing infrastructure, leveraging any commodity x86 severs. More info.


SwiftStack Cloud Sync

Key features: Cloud Sync is a new capability that helps companies easily and securely adopt a hybrid cloud strategy in an effort to get the most out of their stored data. More info.


Treasure Workflow

Key features: Treasure Workflow is the first data workflow manager with the ability to operate across multi-cloud infrastructures and web services. Enterprises can now collect, transport, and analyze data from business applications and data stores, helping to overcome the growing, complex IT challenge of ensuring interoperability and data flow between cloud infrastructure -- regardless of vendors. More info.


Fusion Amazon S3

Key features: WANdisco Fusion is the only solution that seamlessly moves active transactional data between Amazon S3 and on-premise local and NFS mounted file systems, Hadoop clusters and other cloud environments with no downtime and no disruption. More info.


Deep Security as a Service

Key features: Trend Micro Deep Security as a Service has now been validated as a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider. More info.


Zerto Virtual Replication version 5.0

Key features: One-To-Many simultaneously replicates critical data and applications to multiple targets – including AWS and Azure – with different service-level agreements. 30 Day Journal for fast recovery. Mobile BC/DR app provides anywhere, anytime monitoring. More info.

Key features: is an AI-powered log analysis platform that offers the open source ELK Stack as an enterprise-grade cloud service with machine learning technology for DevOps and IT operations. More info.


Unified Logs and Metrics (ULM)

Key features: ULM’s new advanced capabilities include correlation and visual overlay of logs and metrics, comprehensive outlier detection and Sumo Logic Predict to leverage cycles of data to predict system behavior. More info.

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