10 most useful Slack bots

slack face off2

We experimented and tinkered with numerous bots that are available for Slack, the cloud messaging service meant mainly for business. (You can still use Slack for non-work reasons, particularly under the service’s free option.) Here are 10 that could be most helpful working alongside your Slack team.

1. Ace: Saves your to-do list, and conducts your polls and surveys

You can build a to-do list by sending each task item as a message to this bot; it will store them, and show the list to you upon command. A task can be designated to a channel and assigned to a member in your Slack team, and labeled as prioritized (i.e. more important than others). Ace includes other functionalities: you can create simple polls and number ratings surveys with the bot, for which it will tally and provide a summary of the results of your team members’ responses.

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