macOS: uBlock Origin comes to Safari

One of the most popular ad blockers is now available for Apple’s Safari browser on the Mac.

Ad blockers have become more and more popular with web users as many people rebel against advertising overload on web sites. But one very popular ad blocker has been missing in action for Safari in macOS: uBlock Origin.

Safari users, including myself, have often searched in vain for quite a long time for a version of uBlock Origin for the Mac. Thankfully, our long wait has come to an end and there really is a version of uBlock Origin for macOS.

Download uBlock Origin for Safari

The uBlock Origin for Safari page at Github is up now, and you also have the option to download the current version of uBlock Origin for Safari as well. As I write this post the current release is 1.10.0-alpha.2. But be sure to check the release page regularly to keep uBlock Origin up to date as development progresses.

Please note that since this is an early version of uBlock Origin for Safari, you might encounter some bugs while using it. But if you’ve been waiting a long time for uBlock Origin for Safari then it’s probably worth installing on your Mac.

What’s the difference between uBlock and uBlock Origin?

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