6 strategies for becoming a digital business

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digital business

If your company’s digital transformation has stalled, gone off-track or hasn’t even started, it’s time to kick it into high gear. According to a Forrester Research report, “by 2020, every business will become either a digital predator or digital prey.”

That timeline should give your CEO and board of directors a sense of urgency. “The predators will be the companies able to achieve digital mastery, harnessing digital [technologies] to create new sources of value for customers. The prey will remain digital dinosaurs, unable to evolve their proven business model until it’s too late,” says Forrester analyst Nigel Fenwick.

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The report, “Digital Predator or Digital Prey,” defines what it means to be a “digital business” and then provides six broad strategies for becoming one. Internally, it means IT built for business agility (not complexity). Externally, it means using digital technologies “to enhance every touchpoint in the customer life cycle.”

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