JetBlue CIO drives innovation through IT’s ‘toolkit’

Eash Sundaram has built on JetBlue’s technology-driven legacy by pioneering new ideas from all fronts, including a new venture-capital arm.

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On a JetBlue flight in November from Fort Lauderdale to New York, a man dressed in business-casual attire walked the aisle, chatting up passengers while collecting their garbage.

Eash Sundaram wore blue latex gloves and carried a clear plastic garbage bag. The only thing missing was the flight attendant uniform.

The scene was captured by a LinkedIn user who posted a story with a photo displaying JetBlue’s CIO and Executive Vice President for Innovation in this unusual role. But if you know Sundaram, you wouldn’t be surprised. As Sundaram said shortly after: “We keep our titles at home when we come to work.”

jet blue watson Dimitrios Settos, B3 Marketing, LLC.

In an age when customer experience and focus trumps (almost) all, JetBlue has a history of differentiating itself by, well, being different. Technology innovation, in many cases, is the driving force behind that differentiation.

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