4 digital transformation success stories

Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others are steering digital initiatives to drive growth and efficiency. These real-world transformation examples detail IT leaders’ strategies and implementations.

16 real-world digital transformation success stories
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You can say one thing about the coronavirus pandemic: Never before has a digital strategy spanning efforts to modernize and transform the business been so important.

Fueled by heightened business resiliency imperatives, CIOs replatformed on cloud software for agility’s sake and digitized processes for contactless customer services. Solutions already on CIOs’ strategic roadmaps but that had gotten bogged down in bureaucracy were suddenly jumpstarted as teams feared being lapped by competitors, says Laura Laberge, McKinsey director of capabilities for digital strategy.

“They were universally aware there was a crisis and that massive change needed to happen because the cost of inaction was so high,” Laberge tells CIO.com.

Here IT leaders discuss some of the progress of their digital work.

Walmart cashes in on cloud, analytics

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