7 best industries for content marketing

Content marketing benefits some industries measurably more than others.

content marketing

Content marketing is an incredibly useful marketing strategy, and because of its practicality, almost any business can reap the benefits. The premise is simple; use interesting, unique, in-demand and well-written content to naturally attract more people to your brand and website. Because customers of any business will need at least some information related to that business, there’s demand for content everywhere. However, some industries measurably benefit from content marketing more than others.

Why not all businesses benefit equally

What’s to account for this inequality? What factors make an industry benefit more from content marketing than others?

  • Consumer problems and questions. Industries that serve customer problems — the kind that people search for to solve — are prime opportunities for content development. If you can answer a customer question with content, you’ll instantly be seen as an authority.
  • Cycles of innovation. Some industries simply have more to write about than others, thanks to ongoing cycles of innovation. Industries that change often can use content marketing more than ones that have been the same for decades.
  • Specialized information. Any industry with specialized or privileged information instantly gets a boost, due to the rarity and appeal of the information they can publish through content.
  • Specificity and uniqueness. Serving a niche audience gives you a competitive advantage while serving “common knowledge” and common sense will leave you at a disadvantage.
  • Online presence. Content marketing happens mostly online, so if that’s where most of your transactions take place, you’ll be at an advantage.

Top industries for content marketing

The above factors describe industries that stand to gain more from content marketing, but what are some of the most benefiting industries out there?

1. Medical and healthcare. It takes years of studying just to scratch the surface of modern medical knowledge, which is why medical organizations, healthcare organizations, and medical education institutions stand to benefit enormously from content marketing efforts. Plus, medical content tends to address specific patient problems (such as strange symptoms, injuries or ailments), and it’s an industry that’s always evolving with new scientific discoveries and new technologies. Rush University’s College of Nursing, for example, regularly adds new content under their news section that aligns with new advancements in healthcare, nursing treatment, and nursing education.

2. Repairs and renovations. Handymen, repair shops, and other repair and renovation-oriented businesses exist to solve consumer problems. Though some of your content may give away the “secret sauce” of your industry, your increased popularity and reputation will be well worth the tradeoff. The potential here is enormous.

3. Other professional services. Almost any type of professional service, from legal counseling to marketing consulting, can benefit from content marketing. People need information when they seek professional services, and content exists to provide that information. You’ll build trust easily and have an easier time winning over new clients as well.

4. Local businesses. Any type of local business can do well with a content marketing program. Why? Because local businesses don’t have to worry about national-level competition, and can use their content to make their way to the “local 3-pack” that Google ranks for local queries. Using location-specific content serves a specific audience, and gives you a huge competitive advantage.

5. Ecommerce stores. Ecommerce stores operate exclusively online (usually), and can draw people in based on specific product searches. If you flesh out the content of each of your product pages, you’ll be able to answer common consumer questions and complaints, and simultaneously optimize for some low competition, high search volume keywords.

6. Restaurants. Restaurants are an interesting addition to this list, since there’s no clear “type” of content for them to produce, and most of them depend on physical locations, rather than online stores like ecommerce businesses. However, restaurants have practically unlimited potential when it comes to local SEO. They serve niche audiences, which gives them prime competitive opportunities to rank for local searches.

7. Real estate agents and services. The real estate industry also stands to benefit greatly from content marketing. Homeowners need to do lots of research before finalizing a decision, and most of them end up looking for hyper-specific qualities in their prospective homes. Online real estate agents and services can improve their listings with more detailed, well-written content, and keep users on their sites longer.

If your business belongs to one of the above industries, you should start using content marketing immediately (if you haven’t already). But even if your industry isn’t on this list, there are still plenty of rewards to pursuing content. In fact, if your industry is one that rarely uses content marketing as a strategy, you could have a serious visibility advantage thanks to the limited competition.

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