Hottest products from CES 2017

CES once again it promises to showcase the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets. Acer, Linkys, Lenovo and others show their stuff.

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Get your Gadget On!

It's time once again for the International CES, the world's largest consumer electronics trade show. Thousands of people will flock to Las Vegas to see the latest gizmos, gadgets, TVs, computers, smartphones, robots and other devices meant to make our lives easier. Here's a sneak peek at some of the products on display at the show.

Linksys Velop wireless mesh

Linksys goes mesh

The Linksys Velop system is a three-pack of wireless mesh Wi-Fi routers that can provide whole-home coverage to your home network. The tri-stream (2.4 GHz, two bands of 5GHz) technology also includes MU-MIMO support for multiple device streaming.

CES Acer Predator 21x curved screen notebook

Acer Predator 21x - curved screen gaming notebook

Curved screens are coming to notebooks! The Acer Predator 21x packs a ton of stuff inside its frame - Tobii eye tracking, dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphic cards, an overclockable 7th-generation Intel Core (i7-7820HK) processor, 64GB of DDR4-2400 memory, up to four 512GB solid-state drives, and a 7200 RPM hard drive with up to 8TB of capacity. Save your pennies, though, this thing will cost about $9,000, with availability in February. 

CES Crosley Vinyl Rocket Jukebox

Take those old 45s off the shelf - Crosley Radio Vinyl Rocket Jukebox

Crosley Radio will show off its Vinyl Rocket Jukebox, a 140-selection system that can play old 45 rpm vinyl records. The system includes a 70 by 7-inch vinyl record rotating jukebox mechanism, a D4 digital amplifier with two independent stero channel outputs, and remote control (for home use) with options for record selection, shuffle play, AUX input and volume control. Now you just need to find that box of old records in your basement.

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370

The latest 2-in-1 system from Lenovo features a 360-degree hinge (for turning the notebook into a tablet or presentation mode), a "Lift 'n' Lock" keyboard and the latest Intel Core i processors. The system includes a 1080p 13.3-inch display, up to 16GB of DDR4 memory, up to 1TB of solid-state storage and a Thunderbolt 3 port.


Curved TVs are still a thing

CES offers its share of televisions, so this won't be the only one we're seeing at the show. This RCA model features a 55-inch curved display, ultra-high definition (4K) resolution, LED backlighting and energy-efficient illumination for sharper contrasts and vibrant colors. Only $1,000.

Samsung Wisenet Security Camera

Home security cam gets smarter

The Samsung Wisenet-SmartCam A1 Home Security System covers both indoor and outdoor security needs - it includes a 1080p HD indoor camera with a 350-degree pan (and 130-degree wide angle lens), and an outdoor camera (powered via battery) with 720p resolution. The system includes a panning station camera, which detaches from the base, can also automatically track moving objects within designated areas of the video frame.

Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router

Linksys powers up gaming Wi-Fi router

The WRT32X Gaming Edition Wi-Fi router from Linksys includes custom-built firmware and an interface specifically tuned for gaming traffic. A partnership with Killer Networks provides optimization for Killer-enabled gaming PCs and motherboards (including ones from Alienware, MSI, Razer and Gigabyte).

TytoHome telehealth kit

TytoHome telehealth kit

In the future, getting medical attention might not require a visit to an office, clinic or emergency room. The TytoHome kit includes a device and specific sensors that enable remote patient examinations of the ears, nose, throat, skin, heart and temperature. Data is captured on a smartphone that can then send the data to doctors.

Reach Robotics MekaMon robot

Reach Robotics MekaMon

The MekaMon robots from Reach Robotics offer connected battle-bots for Mek-to-Mek warfare, but you can also use a smartphone and fight aliens in augmented reality (AR) via your smartphone in single-player mode.

CES LINK device

Storage and communication in the palm of your hand.

The tiny LINK device by Fasetto might not look like much, but it's packed with some power, merging an LTE hotspot device with a network-attached storage unit. It includes up to 2TB of Samsung SSD storage, a Samsung Exynos 7420 processor (8-core) and dedicated broadcast Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth and USB-C connections. The goal is to make all of your digital content accessible across devices wherever you are.

PetCubeBites dog snack

Petcube Bites - interactive camera and snack dispenser

This in-home video camera also includes a tiny pet snack dispenser, so you can reward your pet for good behavior by dispensing a treat while you're away from your home. The device goes on sale in early 2017.

Sleepace Nox Smart Sleep Light

Nox Smart Sleep Light

The Nox Smart Sleep Light combines light and sound programs that adapt to your "personal body clock" to track and monitor your sleep patterns. The light produces red wavelengths, which the company says can "raise the secretion of melatonin" in your body. The speaker plays soothing sounds to help you fall asleep. The Sleepace App then tells the Nox to turn off once you've fallen asleep.

eBlocker security filter

eBlocker home network privacy device

The eBlocker device connects to your home network and stops trackers, blocks ads and hides the IP address on all devices on your network. The device can also be used to filter inappropriate content from reaching your kids' devices and browsers.

DogAndBone EarMade wired earbuds

Earbuds with a molding warming tray for perfect fit

The Dog & Bone Earmade system are wireless earbuds that come with a warming tray, letting you mold the ear-tips to conform with your own ears for maximum comfort and fit.

Das Keyboard 5Q cloud-connected keyboard

Even keyboards can connect to the cloud

The 5Q keyboard from Das Keyboard is "the world's first cloud-connected keyboard." What does this mean? Information from the internet (email alerts, stock price changes, sports updates, etc.) can be sent to the keyboard, triggering a color change. This means users don't have to have CPU-draining browser tabs open for those types of alerts. Color effects can also be applied to the entire keyboard, making it look like a wave or creating ripple effects. Cool stuff!

CES Fortress UTM appliance

Enterprise-level security for your home network

Fortress will show off its Fortress UTM, a residential unified threat management (UTM) appliance. The device includes a large touch screen for setup and monitoring. Features include intrusion detection/prevention, firewall and anti-virus for all Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Internet-of-Things attached devices. The appliance includes the Cyberguard 24/7 service, which provides instant response services.

Mohu AirWave CES slide

Mohu AirWave - over-the-air antenna with streaming integration

Mohu's AirWave is a wireless, over-the-air and over-the-top device that integrates live, local broadcast TV with free streaming channels via streaming devices (including Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Android and iOS) through the Mohu TV app. Cord cutters can view content from live channels and streaming channels through one interface.

CES Cota Tile

Wireless power via ceiling tile - Cota Tile

Charging your devices via "wireless" used to mean conduction pads, but now we're seeing things like this - the Cota Tile from Ossia is a ceiling tile that can safely provide wireless power in a specific location (assming right below the tile) for device charging.

Coros LINKX Smart Biking Helmet CES

Coros LINX Smart Biking Helmet - bone conduction

The LINKX Smart Cycling Helmet uses bone conduction technology instead of earbuds, letting riders hear their music but also keeping the ears open for outside noises (other cars, bikers, etc.). The helmet includes a wireless remote so riders can keep their eyes on the road and hands on the bars while controlling music and phone calls with the press of a button. A mobile app includes ride tracking and GPS capabilities. The helmet also includes an emergency alert system that triggers when a sensor senses significant impact, and then sends GPS data to a designated contact.

Chipolo Sticker eyeglasses

Chipolo Sticker - extremely small Bluetooth tracker

Bluetooth trackers keep getting smaller - witness the Chipolo Sticker, which can attach to often-lost items like eyeglasses. The Chipolo Clip is also debuting at the show, a paper-clip-thin device that you can attach to a wallet. Never lose things again!

GeniCan trash scanner CES

GeniCan trash can scanner

The GeniCan trash can scanner lets you scan bar codes from boxes or other groceries that you're throwing out, creating an instant grocery shopping list. If the item doesn't have a bar code (like a toilet paper roll or apple), you can still scan it and use your voice and the system will add it to the list.

Sensoria smart sock

Make your socks smarter

Sensoria will be showing off its Sensoria Sock 2.0 technology, powered by the Sensoria Core. The tech lets footwear, apparel and other brands create smarter wearable items. The chip connects to embedded garment sensors under the plantar area of the sock to measure speed, pace, cadence, foot landing technique and GPS coordinates, the company says.

Ecovacs Unibot

Time to get your home robot to do more for you

The UNIBOT home service robot from ECOVACS will clean your floor (both hardwood and carpet), but also does more. The system will provide air purifying and humidifying functions, as well as security - motion sensors can alert you if it senses someone's coming into the home. Make Rosie do more than just the floors!

CES Lenovo Smart Assistant

Move over, Siri - Lenovo Smart Assistant is here

Lenovo is getting into the cloud-based voice service assistant game. The Lenovo Smart Assistant uses Amazon Alexa cloud-based voice services to give owners web search information, play music, create lists and perform calendar reminders. The device will also run Lenovo smart home devices and other third-party products.

CES Aluma personal safety

Aluma personal safety device

Aluma Innovations will show off the Aluma device, a personal safety gadget that attaches to the back of a smartphone or case (as well as a safety wristband). When a user feels compromised (someone walking alone or in danger), they can activate the device to produce a 135-decibel alarm, LED strobe light or call 911 via an app (the app helps skip the phone's lock screen).

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