iOS 10: Disable Auto-Correction

Auto-Correction can be a royal pain in the rear end in iOS 10. Here’s how you can quickly disable it on your iPhone or iPad.

iOS 10 has many great features that can offer enormous value to its users. But not all of iOS 10's features are appreciated by everybody. Some options can be downright annoying. And for some folks one of those potentially irritating features is built into the iOS keyboard: Auto-Correction.

If you’ve used iOS, you are undoubtedly familiar with Auto-Correction. It can be a useful tool for some people, but it can also be an incredibly annoying pain in the rear end for others.

If you’re one of the folks that are sick of dealing with Auto-Correction, don’t worry. You can easily disable it in iOS 10.

How to disable Auto-Correction in iOS 10

Here’s how you can disable Auto-Correction in iOS 10:

Open the Settings app.

1. Tap on General.

2. Tap on Keyboard.

3. Tap on the Auto-Correction switch to shut it off.

Note also that you can tap on Auto-Capitalization if you want to turn that off as well while you are viewing the Keyboard menu in General.

Is Auto-Correction worth using in iOS 10?

I have mixed feelings about Auto-Correction in iOS 10. Sometimes it has proven to be useful while I’m writing an email or text message, but at other times it has just slowed me down when I have to fix Auto-Correction’s mistakes.

If you’re a good speller and you don’t make mistakes while using the keyboard in iOS 10, then you’ll probably want to shut off Auto-Correction. You’ll eliminate having to fix its errors, and you’ll probably type a lot faster on your iPhone or iPad.

If you’re not a good speller then Auto-Correction might end up being a time-saver for you. You won’t have to go back and fix any spelling mistakes you make while writing.

If you’re not sure about disabling Auto-Correction in iOS 10, try using it for a while to see if it will work well for you. I’d give it a week or so before deciding to turn it off.

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