9 painful ways people hurt themselves with computers/video games

Hardly any body part is left unharmed

Computers and videogames are a pain
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Computers and videogames are a pain

More than 600 computer- and video game-related injuries suffered in 2015 were reported to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission by about 100 hospital emergency rooms through the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. NEISS is used to help spot possible issues with categories of products that are causing harm, though as you’ll see here, computer and video game users aren’t blameless. (With apologies to those who truly were injured…)

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people hurt themselves with computers/video games
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“Items may shift during flight…”

How many times have we heard a flight attendant warn about being careful when opening the overhead bins on a plane. One 26-year-old female suffered a head injury when a laptop fell on her noggin from the height of an overhead bin. A 33-year-old woman suffered a similar fate after opening the overhead compartment on a plane.

computer accidents 3
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A 10-year-old female who was playing with a friend at her grandmother’s house, yanked the table cloth off the table, and pulled a computer with it by mistake, smashing herself in the face.

computer accidents 4
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All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

A 6-year-old female lost a tooth after she was hit in the mouth by her sister’s game controller.

computer accidents 5
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Temper tantrum

A 15-year-old male punched a computer screen and cut an artery in his hand in the process.

computer accidents 6
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Smoking in bed

A 65-year-old female burned her abdomen after falling asleep with a laptop on her stomach.

computer accidents 7
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Stuck between a Mac and a hard place

An 11-year-old female got her hand stuck between a computer and the wall, resulting in a wrist contusion.

computer accidents 8
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Imagine if he’d been using real bowling balls

A 28-year-old male bowled via a video game for 3 straight hours and wound up with a sprained hand/wrist.

computer accidents 9
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Painful lesson

A 9-year-old male was jumping on his mom’s bed with a Nintendo DS stylus in his mouth. The next thing you knew, the stylus had poked through the roof of his mouth.

computer accidents 10
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In sickness and in health

A 50-year-old man was treated for a laceration on his face after his wife threw a laptop to him.

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