Pornhub: iOS lagged slightly behind Android in 2016

Pornhub has released its year in review stats for 2016, and iOS users are lagging slightly behind Android users in porn use.

Pornhub is one of the biggest and most popular porn sites on the web. Each year the site releases a very detailed report about its users (don’t worry it’s anonymous data) that provides some very interesting statistics about porn use.

The report about 2016 showed that iOS and Android users are almost even in terms of accessing the Pornhub site, but Android is still ahead by 3 percent. Mac users weren’t forgotten in the report either and it showed that macOS traffic to Pornhub was up by 8 percent from last year.

The Pornhub site reported on operating system use and many other things in a very long and detailed post:

It may have seemed like 2016 was never going to end, but here we are at the beginning of what we’re hoping will be a happy and healthy 2017. Overall it’s been a pretty steady ride, but boy are we excited to kick off a new chapter!

We’ve had a great year at Pornhub, and our Insights blog has delivered tons of awesome data over the course of 2016. Throughout the year we’ve covered interesting search trends analyzing the cultural intersection between Pornhub and the likes of Clowns, Pokemon, Politicians, and even Super Heroes.

...the increasingly more important question when it comes to porn consumption is Apple or Android? And Pornhub never misses a chance to report on the different behavior between different OS users. So looking back at 2016, we (of course) dug into the difference in traffic and tastes by operating systems.

While Windows continues to dominate when it comes to which operating system users count on to watch Pornhub (about 80% of desktop users), Mac OS and Linux are on the rise, with Mac OS up 8% in traffic share and Linux up an impressive 14%.

Moving onto mobile. The playing field is pretty even here, with Android and Apple iOS almost at par with one another. Android leading with 3% more users on Pornhub than Apple iOS (47% of Pornhub’s mobile users). Android’s mobile market share has increase by 5% over the last year.

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4 pornhub insights 2016 year review operating system

Pornhub readers shared their thoughts about the year in review post:

Hiyun: “Haha who…was searching up Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on pornhub?”

Mike_pornhub: “Rule #34 of the internet. If something exists, there IS porn for it. Point in case, if you dare to search Trump and/or Clinton on Pornhub, you will find numerous porn parodies -- both professional and amateur produced. Some of the pornstars do a decent job getting into their roles.”

BlaBlaBla: “Do you gather this data (especially gender) from the accounts that people make or some other way?”

Mike_pornhub: “While Pornhub has over 10 million registered users, most of our daily traffic comes from non logged in visitors. Our anonymized data used on the Insights blog comes from Google Analytics so we can sample traffic from our full 65 million daily visitors. Geographic data is based on IP, so we see accurate data for nearly 100% of visitors. Additionally, about 30% of visitors have some demographics data attached, mostly by using cookie files saved by Google.

So depending on the type of websites you visit and terms you search on Google, they try to determine over time what demographic category you are most likely to fit into - age, gender, interests, etc. This data is most often used for targeted advertising, but it also allows our statisticians to accurately see who is visiting Pornhub and tie that into what type of porn they search for and view while maintaining their anonymity. ”

Adam: “Nice work on the research. It's imperative to have this kind of large sample size of data that shows the taboo subject of sex. Having data now, and in the future- will show how human beings are changing psychologically with regards to sexual preference and shifting standards of beauty. The porn industry makes a very interesting case studies with regard to the human condition.”

Bob: “Must be interesting to be working on the programming side of a porn company.”

Chun ye: “How do you determine the country? E.g. China, which is blocking any porn websites. Most vpn services should hide the country of origin, or at last make it unreliable, and using something like the preferred language reported by the browser sounds just as unreliable.”

Mike_pornhub: “Our Insights data is fully anonymous and based on traffic rather than the preferences of logged in users. So all traffic data based on geography and demographics comes entirely from Google Analytics and the IP based calculations they have stored. 65 million daily visitors gives us one of the largest pools of visitors to sample for any single website, so our data is quite reliable even when we get into very specific segments of visitors. But you are correct, Analytics are more challenging for some countries such as China and those who regulate pornography.”

David Negreira: “Is there any place where we can have an insight on the technology stack that you are using for several parts of the platform? Crunching/storing these values and delivering so much content must be so much fun and bring tons of interesting challenges :)”

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Android has a Pornhub app, iOS does not

One explanation for why Android use is a bit higher on Pornhub than iOS might be that Android users can download an official Pornhub app for their devices. iOS users, on the other hand, have no such option since it’s not possible to download iOS apps outside of Apple’s official app store without jailbreaking your iOS device and there's no way Apple would allow a Pornhub app to be placed in the iOS App Store.

Given Apple’s tight-fisted control over iOS, I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Fortunately for Pornhub users it’s still possible to access the site with any iOS web browser, including Apple’s own Safari browser. So much for Apple’s preference that porn not be associated with its mobile platform.

You know what they say, where there's a will there's a way and Pornhub viewers clearly have lots and lots of will.

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